The Ellen Show: You guessed it, there’s a smartphone app for that too!


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The Ellen Show App Is Here!

No stranger to new and exciting ventures, Ellen DeGeneres has released a smartphone app for The Ellen Show.

Earlier this year we were introduced to the LeBron James smartphone app for Samsung Galaxy. We quickly realized that LeBron’s app would be the first of many celebrity apps to sweep across our smart devices and give us the power to connect directly with their brand. It comes as no surprise to see that Ellen DeGeneres has followed suit with her very own app geared toward The Ellen Show fans.

Ellen Taps In To The App World

Not content with the now ‘mainstream’ style of connecting with fans through mediums like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; celebrities like LeBron James and Ellen DeGeneres are forming new and exclusive ways to connect with their fan base and tailor content specifically for promotion of their own brand. The Ellen Show app adds a new dimension to the show, by allowing fans to sync up their iPod and/or iPhone with their televisions to gain access to backstage footage and bonus footage. Fans can also use the app to set personal reminders for shows and catch up on missed episodes/features. The app is also another platform option for Ellen to monetize brand partnerships from her show.

Ellen Show Apple Store Icon

We’re curious to know whether more celebrities will develop their own personal apps to contribute to the seemingly growing trend. Arguably, more and more celebrities are boycotting their social media accounts due to controversies and conflicts in interest that have risen in the past. For example, Rihanna’s Instagram boycott in May of this year: Rihanna publically announced that she had deleted her account following controversy from pictures she had chosen to post to her account.


Celebs Taking Control Of Fan Engagement 

Following the celebrity social media controversy, will celeb apps offer a more controlled form of engaging with fans? If so, how will fans feel about the more controlled content released in app form? We want to hear what you think!

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