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The Energy of Effectivity

Typically when we think of the law of attraction, it carries a very ethereal note and is held in regard toward our personal lives and a more existential sense of purpose. But at it's core, the law of attraction applies to literally all aspects of life - including professional and business ventures.

Recently our CEO, Stacy Jones sat down to chat about this very topic and how it can change the way you run your business with Kelli Cooper - consultant, coach, and owner or Life Made To Order. In this blog post, Hollywood Branded examines the law of attraction and its impact on your business from the expertise of Life Made To Order's Kelli Cooper.

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A Little Background on Kelli

Kelli Cooper is a consultant who specializes in the law of attraction and owns the company, Life Made to Order. Kelli particularly focuses on clearing up misconceptions held about the laws of attraction and helps people better understand how it actually works as theory of manifesting and real life practice aren't necessarily the same thing once you throw in human errors and general confusion.

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Interview Transcript Highlights

Question: Can you give all of our listeners a little bit of your background and what got you to where you are today?

Answer: Like most people interested in anything growth oriented and personal development, I was unhappy with my life in various ways. There was always that pull to feel like there was more to life or more I could do with myself, and spirituality and different things, those topics were interesting to me.

From there I just started on that path, reading books and different things and just like anybody, right? You start learning this new information, you start seeing things differently and questioning your current beliefs and self image. With all of this thinking, "Okay, maybe all these crappy things I think and feel and this kind of pessimistic..." or whatever the typical worldview, most of us, our programming is, it's not exactly empowering and positive. You start questioning, "Okay, maybe that's not how it is. Maybe these things that actually feel good are actually how the world works. Maybe these things are actually my capabilities and what I'm like as a person."

For the law of attraction in particular, I think I got turned onto it when my husband had some CDs his ex-girlfriend's father had given him of Bob Proctor, I believe it was and different things. And like anything, you're exposed to this new information and you think, "Huh, interesting." I think a lot of people, law of attraction or any kind of spiritual wisdom, all of that- is like you don't know it with your mind, but a part of you knows it, and it's coded in us somewhere.

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So when you hear these things or you read about them, there's an intuitive resonance where you think, "Yeah, I kind of know this. I think this is true. I might not have been living it or consciously thinking about it, but yeah, I feel like this idea that our reality's influenced by something internal, that the world is just not random and everything just happens out of nowhere and for no reason, that doesn't feel good to think about that." With influence things find your way of your focus and your predominant belief system and how you think and how you feel, and that creates some kind of energetic signature that draws your experience to you, business, money, any aspect of your life, professional or personal.

I just kept making these inner changes. You see the evidence as your own life experience, and then that's very powerful evidence. That's the only evidence you can really have in this sort of journey. Technically quantum physics might prove it, but I don't really know much about that and there's no exact science to it. But my life experience was mirroring back something different to me as my inner world changed.

So I started connecting those dots and I thought, "Okay, yeah, there's actually something to this idea. It's not crazy. It's not wishful thinking or anything like that." And I just became very passionate about this subject matter in particular. I started blogging about it and eventually started coaching too. And that was what brought me here and now and end this teaching, and working on my inner worlds in that way - working on my belief system and managing my emotions in a way that I don't get caught up in all this stuff my mind doesn't like. I feel like it's allowed me to create a lot of really awesome things in my life.

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Question: For our listeners who have heard laws of attraction but they don't necessarily know what it is and they've probably heard of the book The Secret or The Celestine Prophecy- can you give everyone a little bit of background? What is the law of attraction?

Answer: With The Secret and things like it, I think they did a good job of bringing the teaching mainstream, which is a good thing. But I think it created a lot of misconceptions. You want to think of it not as a tool that you use in your life to make things happen, but as more of a universal law that's always been operating in your life and not just life on earth, but the universal law, right? The universe, which is something I don't think we can really comprehend what's happening on that level, we're not capable of it in our human consciousness, it's kind of limited.

So this idea is everything is energy. Our thoughts, our feelings. Again, this is something which reminded me, I don't fully understand it, and I made peace with that a long time ago. There's an energy of frequency to our thoughts and feelings, that creates what you hear is about vibration. Whatever is dominant in that energy field is the emotional charge. There's an emotion there, dominant emotions and you just attract things that mirror that back to you. Basically it's the idea of what you believe, what you feel and what you think predominantly. Don't stress about being perfect at it because you won't, you're a human. You're just going to mirror back things that reflect all that back to you.

If you worry about money a lot, you'll probably manifest a reality where money will be a problem for you. Again, these are just the most simple basic examples. If you believe all guys are jerks or all women are psycho, those are the type of people you'll attract into your life. If you have ideas that business is supposed to be hard, you have to work hard for your money and it's all about competition and getting ahead of the other guy, you'll manifest a business experience where you're always competing. If you believe it's hard to earn money, you'll set yourself up for a business where you find earning money is hard. So that's at the most basic core. You're putting out an energy and you're just reflecting stuff back that mirrors back those beliefs to you.Hollywood Branded_Law of Attraction2

Question: So the universe actually wants to give you what you want, and if you connect to it and put thoughts out, because thoughts are energy, the only way you can receive it is if you put it back out into the world and then you receive it. Is that correct?

Answer: Exactly. I love that you brought that up, because that's the thing that people can miss in this process. I always like to describe the process of attraction as neutral, dispassionate, disinterested, mechanical, and clinical. Like you said, it's like you're putting something out there and anything that happens to you, good or bad, wanted or unwanted is just neutral feedback of your energy.

So the wanting is that you put something out into the universe, that energy of wanting, but you can only get what you want if you're a match to it. The universe can't respond to your want, your need, all your efforts in the way of your personal development work that you might be doing, like affirmations or journaling or making a vision board unless you're a match. That's basically what it comes down to.

I like to talk about the theory versus reality. In theory, all you're being asked to do is believe the law of attraction's real and you're a powerful creator. You think about certain things in a positive way and you sit back and you wait for your stuff.

People don't think about self sabotage in the equation. A lot of us claim on a conscious level that we want certain things. You want your business to be successful, but a part of you has a negative association with that success. A lot of this might be cliché Psych 101, but most of us, emotionally speaking, are pretty much what I like to call basic beasts. We're not very complex and complicated, we all have the same universal issues.

And this human factor, what I like to talk about a lot, is there's a lot more issues in our energy than just whether or not we have faith that this is a real thing. There's the self sabotage, the negative association with getting the things we want, skepticism, doubt, issues of worthiness and deserving, thinking we don't deserve the things we want.


Question: So what is law of attraction and how do you get there? What is it you need to do?

Answer: You need to know what you're working with energetically now, and then it's like, okay, now I get it. "I'm struggling with business because I grew up poor, and I have this high end service now that I'm trying to do, I'm a high end coach or a consultant or this or that, I have never experienced having this type of money before." "I can't even fathom having this type of money when all my life I've worked a minimum wage job or my family was poor, and then you just see, it's like, oh my God, I'm not a match to a six figure income because I have no idea what that's like. I can't even fathom having that kind of money." You might have conditioning with money, something like that.

So if you're trying to like run a business that's higher end, the idea of receiving thousands of dollars at a stretch just for a few hours of your time as a consultant for example, your mind's probably thinking, "You can't earn that much money that easily."

There's guilt. Your mind will say "You don't get to make money that easily. What you're going to get $5,000 for three hours of your time and you just get to talk about just what you know and you don't even have to prep for it and you just get to have fun and be passionate about your work and get all this money?" Your mind says, "No, sorry, you can't do that." You might have negative associations with making a lot of money. 

So yeah, again the thing is affirming and thinking positively. That's part of the package, but again that's not the law of attraction - that's personal development work that could help inner change. There's value in it if it's actually making it feel better. Most people, they're doing these things. It's like when they're a kid, they're just getting their homework out of the way because they have to get their homework done. So they think, "I do my affirmations. I guess I should look at my vision board for a few minutes today." Where's the energetic juice there? You're getting no emotional benefit from doing these things, right?

You have to think about how do you feel about money? How do you feel about relationships? How do you feel about this thing or that thing? What may have led to the money problems now? Why don't you have the clients now? What is going on there? So again, because if you see it as this universal law that's always been operating in your life, knowledge is power and especially with energy work, because if your inner world creates your reality, if you believe that, even 10% of you believes that, then it's like, "Oh, okay. I have to know what's happening in my inner world." If my inner world's creating my reality, it's probably a good idea to figure out what led me to create and receive what I'm receiving now that I'm not so happy with."

So yeah, that's really the thing I want to stress. Don't see it as a tool to manipulate energy and to manipulate your circumstances in the way your ego mind wants them to be manipulated. Think about it as I've always been creating my reality. I just didn't know I was doing it. 


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