Top 7 Marketing Tips For 2017 That Drive Your Brand's Sales


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Technology Game Changers

In recent years, the world of digital marketing has witnessed an exponential rise in terms of using technology to help achieve higher sales. Advertising agencies and brands around the world have embraced the necessity of having an online presence for their brand - despite their size or B2B or B2C target demographics.   

So what can your company do to increase sales in 2017? In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares the newest top 7 marketing tips that will help you drive brand's sales.  

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#1 Effective Content Strategies To Drive Your Sales

When it comes to marketing, the content that the business’s official website displays is what brings and attract more and more customers to it. Here are the few do’s and don’ts that you need to consider to drive your sales:

  • Make sure your content is not hyper-saturated with the promotional content and offers. You need to offer a sophisticated content that showcases your brand’s image but doesn’t make it look desperate.
  • Engage in writing interactive content for your viewers. They love it and this is what will get you to increase your sales!
  • Videos and infographics are here to stay for a long time. It’s better you start using them in your content to offer the viewer’s a solid and proven solution.

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 #2 Personalization

Among the latest marketing tips, one of the most proven is to opt for a personalized approach.

This means on email newsletters, remembering to include their name. And for content that you deliver to them, choosing to only share what is relevant.


Rather than addressing to a whole community, target your addressors and deliver your message to them.  Now, with the help of the user’s IP address and the cached browser data, marketers can select the specific and relevant web pages and blogs on your site that are relevant, and share those. This more direct and tailored approach is so much more appreciated by the recipient and will bring a lot more attention to and potential growth to your business.

Celebrity Social Media Webinar by Hollywood Branded

#3 Use Of Social Media Platforms To Drive Sales

Whether Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or another, social platforms are all fairly easy to incorporate into your digital marketing strategies. A more tailored and niche audience can be reached. From FaceBook to Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest; all are trending and millions of users are using them. Establishing your brand’s presence on these networks will surely bring about a lot of sales and help you earn a lot of profit.

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#4 Use Of Visuals

Whether it is images, gifs or video clips, the use of visuals has increased to unprecedented levels in the past few years. Visuals are an effective way of communicating information because they are likely to hold the attention of contemporary users longer. They are easy to consume and have the potential of being shared over the internet more so than standalone text. Surveys have proven high conversion rates following visual content usage, that is far more interactive than content without visuals.

Think it's hard to create unique visual imagery?  We provide our favorite graphics tools in this Graphics Cheat Sheet For Brand Marketers

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#5 Account Based Marketing 

Marketing managers can choose to adopt an organic Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy that allows for sales automation. Marketing and Sales departments historically have been two separate entities - and they are now coming together to act as one entity.  Why?  Because it is crucial for the marketing and sales teams to work together since both are interdependent upon each other. This is especially true for content creation for account based posts on websites.

AMB allows companies to get the most personalized data directly from the user. An example of this is how platforms such as Facebook coax users to reveal information about themselves such as where they live, what they like etc. This allows for future customization of user experience.  For example, it allows Facebook to ask users if they are safe in the aftermath of an earthquake in a particular city. It also asks your likes - and can serve custom content to you based on them.  This tailored attention elevates the customer experience.

This works well for both B2C and B2B companies - it really comes down to creating tools for inbound marketing, again, using technology that makes it all a little easier.  

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#6 Creating A Tailored Experience For Customers

A relatively novel approach to digital marketing is taking personalization one step further - and planning a linear, one-to-one brand insight experience with customers. This plays out not unlike a narrative arc with the use of emotive language and personas to captivate audiences and drive them into action. This is one of the reasons why content creation as a marketing strategy is so effective.

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Creativity is what allows companies to stand out in today’s competitive global market. And that applies to marketing as well.  And trying your hand at what may seem like innovative concepts. The best place to start is by listing out a set of questions that you want to have answered for the consumer, and then pulling the content together that will do so.  

#7 Data Analytics

Last, but surely not the least, is the fundamental tip of improving your company’s product value by thorough analysis of your progress!  Whether you are an advertising agency in Dubai or a brand in the USA, no matter your size or the age of your business, it is now so important to have a 360 degree view of buyer requirements.

By putting in place a framework outline of your plan you can track achievements and growth, and see actual demonstration of value as well as analysis of current performance and conversion rates.  This will allow your company to better plan for formulation of effective solutions.  Tracking - and goaling - your data will help segment audiences even further, allowig you to build out even better ways to personalize their marketing and sales experience.   


The Magic Of Social Influencers Sell Your Brand

By incorporating these top 7 marketing tips, you will help drive your brand's sales for continual growth.  By using new innovative marketing ideas while sticking to some of the older more traditional ones, an interplay of strategies can take place which is sure to skyrocket your sales exponentially!

And once you have your content and social media strategy in place... start thinking about adding social influencers to the mix to help drive even more attention to your brand!  Check out Hollywood Branded's Only Guide To Social Influencers You Will Ever Need to learn how to get started!

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