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How The Social Media Platform Plans To Adapt

Twitter is the latest media giant to enter the digital video world, attempting to breathe new life into their company. And new ad dollars.  In a recent announcement, the social media platform let the world know it plans to increase digital video content by announcing its inclusion in the Digital Content Newfronts 2017.

For a company looking to stay fresh with both its content and its marketing, this is a smart move for Twitter. Especially as the younger generations have been abandoning the platform in favor of Instagram and Snapchat.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at Twitter's entrance into the digital video content trend and what that means for the social media platform.

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What Does This Announcement Mean?

Twitter's announcement means that they will be included in the Digital Content Newfronts 2017 as a presenter - which is a big deal. This means they qualify as a digital content creator with other giants like the New York Times, VICE and NatGeo.


Twitter's announcement lets advertisers know they're ready for the big boys to advertise in their digital video content. Growing in the digital content world will put them up against companies like streaming platform Hulu and social media companies Snapchat and Facebook - but Twitter says they're ready.

"We have made major investments in video over the past few years, and being able to present the breadth, depth and quality of that content at the NewFronts is the ultimate culmination of those efforts" said their VP of global revenue and and operations, Matthew Derella.

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It all started with their NFL streaming deal last year that included the rights to stream 10 Thursday night football games - which meant ad buys for the company before, during and after the stream. Now they intend to create more digital content, joining the growing trend.

Because they plan to add more to their digital video program, they are becoming more and more attractive to advertisers - and should be on the radar for brand marketers everywhere.

What This Means For Brand Marketers

Brand marketers should be on their toes for news like this. With an ever changing world of digital media and content, there are always new opportunities for brands to get in on it - and that can mean product placement in the future as well. With new content comes new opportunities.

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