How To Use Influencers To Advertise During COVID-19


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Content Creators Are Keeping Audiences Engaged  

As daunting and isolating stay-at-home orders can feel, many celebrities, influencers, and businesses have resorted to social networking apps to stay connected with their community. With so much time in our hands and nothing to do but social distance and stay home, what more can you do but browse endlessly on the web?

With easy and accessible apps like Youtube, Zoom, Instagram live, Facebook, TikTok, and many more, social networking seems to be more accessible than ever, especially when we are mandated to stay in doors for weeks on end. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses how brands can use influencers to advertise affordably and effectively during COVID-19.  

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Constant Creation  

Social Influencers are creating even more content while they're “in the house and in the house bored.” Global Web Index found that over 80% of consumers in the U.S. and UK say they consume more content since the outbreak, with broadcast TV and online videos (YouTube, TikTok). And in fact,  TikTok had 93 thousand downloads between March 27th and April 3rd, becoming the third most downloaded app of 2020 right next to Plato, an app built for chatting and Zoom, a video conferencing platform.

TikTok is an accessible social media app that allows users to create, promote, and react to short-form music video content. The app allows anyone from all around the world to create and share videos. Many influencers, celebrities, and businesses have joined the platform because of its compelling impact and wide audience range.

TikTok has also introduced rising stars that have taken over the app, such as Avani Gregg, Suraj Pal Singh, Kristen Hancher, and of course, Charli Damelio.

Charli even created a dance called the ‘distance dance’ which encouraged people to “inhale, exhale, breathe slow, remind, [and] stay at home!” Challenges have also taken over a lot of popular apps with the hashtags #StayAtHome #WhatWouldIWear #CreativityAtHome. These hashtags and challenges are just more ways that people can connect and relate to one another. Thankfully, the year 2020 is tech savvy and has truly encouraged many to try new forms of communication.

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Why Partner With Influencers?

Influencers are called influencers for a reason. They influence their audience on social networking platforms. And in fact, people really trust them. Data from MuseFind shows 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement.

If you’re anything like me, you’re part of that 92%. I’m a victim of buying products that I have seen some of my favorite influencers use. I actually saw @avani wearing a really cute pair of stud earrings and I absolutely loved how they looked and luckily, she tagged the company that she purchased them from, @CyberSpaceshop. The earrings were set at a reasonable price and even provided free shipping so of course, I bought them. I'm even wearing the earrings right now as I type.Avani Partnerships Earrings CyberSpaceShop Instagram

Personal Production Agencies

Influencers are truly their own production agencies. They themselves have to develop the idea, film it, edit it, star in it, and post it. They even interact with their audience once they’re content is complete. They are already set up to work at home with a portfolio of engaging, high-quality content without a full team or a big budget. This is great for brands because influencers are really good at creating, and it also means that they can (and do) create content that can be used on your own platforms. 

Influencers love working with a brand they love. I mean, do you not love sharing your favorite products with family and friends? 84% of consumers make a purchase after reading about a product or service on a blog- almost 9 in 10 people!

Influencer Creating Content COVID-19

Save Your Money 

Brands will save 50%  of their creative costs when working with influencers. Why? Because they don’t need the entire production team to assist them while they’re creating. They’re already professional creators. Influencers can easily work with a brand and find a way to share the brand with their audience in an authentic, non-generic way. Plus, there’s been a 40% increase in ad performance of influencer-created content in social ads since the beginning of quarantine. 

Save Money Influencer Partnerships

Influencers Know How To Talk

Influencers have been building their following for quite some time, and they know how to interact with their audience. I mean, it’s their job. Because Influencers are transparent and genuine, they have an audience that looks forward to hearing what they have to say. In other words, Influencers are expert communicators. They thrive in digital communicating. This is great news for brands, because influencers are amazing at communicating a brands vision and message in a way that is genuine and spikes their followers’ interest.

I mean, again, I’d much rather buy a product that Lauren Elizabeth loves than a product I see on an ad that claims it has “real people with real results” because to me, Lauren is my friend. She’s a real person. She’s given me tips on skin care, makeup, fitness, and self-care. I trust this woman. If she loves a product and thinks it will help me, I’m buying it.

Lauren Elizabeth Fall Favorites Youtuber Influencer Social Media Vlogger

Dedicated Closets

There are even Instagram accounts dedicated to products that famous influencers wear. The Hype House- a temporary home dedicated to creating collaborative TikTok videos- even has its own TikTok page dedicated to what members of the house wear in their videos. @hype_house_closet has a booming 128.9K followers and features videos of many Hype House members. They tag photos of what each of the members are wearing in their videos and even share where to buy it! Some members like Chase Hudson (aka Lil Huddy), Avani Gregg, and Jack Wright and possibly a few more can be seen filming TikToks at this Mansion. This page is dedicated to finding outfits that these influencers are wearing. Similar to this account dedicated to outfits the Hype House members wear, there are many more focused on influencers such as @addisonsclosett or @charlisclosett also post videos that allow viewers to explore the brands that these influencers shop at.

TikTok Influencers HypeHouse Clothing        TikTok Influencers Closet Addison Rae

There are even Instagram accounts that are dedicated to doing the same. Taking videos from TikTok and tagging stores, companies, and products that the influencers are wearing so that viewers can purchase them themselves. Now with an account of 128.9K followers-it’s clear there are hundreds of people that are looking to purchase what their favorite influencers have in their videos. Any sort of brand would highly benefit from working with any of these individuals, but also any other influencer on TikTok. It’s clear that people want some advice on where to shop.

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Take This As An Opportunity 

Now is better than ever to begin working with celebrity influencers as many are finding normality in creating content from the comfort of their home. Traditional forms of entertainment are struggling on what to do at a time like now, while influencers have been creating content well before this pandemic occurred. So why not turn to the new types of celebrities that know what they’re doing?

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