Victoria Beckham & Target: Hollywood's New Celebrity Partnership


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How The Retail Giant Partners With Posh Spice On A New Line?

Target has a long history of partnering with celebrities to create lines across beauty, fashion and home goods.   Target, fresh off their Grammy's partnership with Carly Rae Jepsen and Lil Yachty, has partnered with one of today's most seemingly unattainable celebrities: Victoria Beckham. 

The busy business mogul, model and mother has created her own designer line at Target who has created an ad campaign around the celebrity.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded takes a look at the latest celebrity partnership between Target and Victoria Beckham and the campaign being built around Beckham's new line.

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Beckham's Brand New Collab

Beckham's new designer brand with Target will reportedly be super-chic as well as super reasonable as far as price is concerned. This fits into Target's brand marketing as high fashion for regular people, pulling in designers like Alexander McQueen and Zac Posen in the past much to the applause of their consumers.

Beckham has been promoting her brand via her far-reaching social media, posting photos that have received tens of thousands of likes. In addition to previews of her line, she has posted a pic of herself in her own designs.

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Having Beckham herself promoting the brand proves massive exposure for the retailer as well as their collaboration - and tons of media outlets have covered it. Everyone from Refinery29 to New York Magazine have covered the collaboration and that is great news for their brand.

How Target Is Using Beckham's Celeb Status For Their Campaign

Having a celebrity like Victoria Beckham collaborate is an amazing celebrity endorsement in and of itself - however it's important for Target to market that collaboration to its fullest extent. And with their latest ad, they are doing just that.

The ad plays on Beckham's first claim to fame as a Spice Girl, showing off Beckham's new designs as the song "Spice For Life" by the Spice Girls plays in the background. Beckham proudly showed the ad off on her own Instagram as well. 


No doubt this is just the beginning of this collaboration, and we will see more as it unfolds April 9.

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