What Brands Can Learn From How Hollywood Uses Snapchat To Promote Movies


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Brands Take Note!  The Social Media Giant's Marketing Power

Snapchat has taken the world by storm. And smart marketers are getting involved. Brands like McDonald's, Disneyland and Dunkin Donuts have all had sponsored filters just to name a few.

But film marketing teams have also begun to use Snapchat to promote films coming out with location-based and interactive filters to build hype around the premieres.  And engage those millennials.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at how production studios have joined the long list of brand marketers using Snapchat marketing to promote new films.


How Do Snapfilters Work?

Snapfilters are a facet of Snapchat (the photo sharing social media platform with over 100 million daily active users) that allow users to place frames around their photos or add features to their faces. 

Over time, they have become more and more sophisticated as well as interactive, with the ability to morph faces and record video with moving filters. This is a fantastic engaging tactic for brands with sponsored filters who know how to use them, and the land of Hollywood marketing is no exception.

Check out these films that have used Snapfilters in their marketing strategy.

Ghostbusters Interactive Filter

Using Snapchat's face- and background-changing interactive filters, the marketing team behind the theatrical release of Ghostbusters was able to let the app's millions of users turn themselves into Ghostbusters.

The filter adds a zappable ghost to the user's screen all the while playing the film's iconic theme. Check it out:


By advertising on an app that puts users into the film and its themes, the images are spread like wildfire on one of the biggest social media platforms of all time. In this case, even the stars of the film got in on the action and used the filters.


Deadpool's Legendary Marketing Strategy Used Snapfilters

The marketing for February's super-anti-hero movie Deadpool has been widely lauded as genius. Between funny emoji-themed billboards all over the place to the Twitter account who only followed Hello Kitty, the team used incredible marketing tactics to get the world's attention.

However one of the most interesting parts of their marketing was their usage of Snapchat marketing. Not only could you add Deadpool himself on Snapchat, but you could use the app to add filters and transform yourself into the character.


Other Films That Used Snapfilters To Market

Pitch Perfect 2

The sequel to the popular hit Pitch-Perfect used Snapchat to document the world premiere live, complete with stars like Sabrina Carpenter, Brittany Snow and Elizabeth Banks featured.


The Peanuts Movie

The Peanuts Movie also released a series of filters ahead of the premiere:


X-Men Apocalypse

20th Century Fox joined the Snapfilter game with the purchase of a Snapchat lens for the premiere of their latest film in the X-Men Saga which allows users to turn into many of the famous mutants.


How Can Your Brand Use Social Media Marketing Successfully?

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