What Makes A Good Celebrity Endorsement - For A Credit Card?


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Gwen Stefani Is The Face Of New MasterCard Campaign

Brands of all categories benefit from the recognition and popularity that products gain from commercial spots. But with the vast variety of brand categories all pushing different products in their advertising, how can a brand be sure to secure a celebrity that complements the brand?

Gwen Stefani has recently stepped out as MasterCard’s most recent spokesperson – a bold move for Stefani, who has previously demonstrated a tendency to lean more towards beauty and fashion brand endorsements. Aside from briefly flirting with a HP endorsement, Stefani has complimented her personal style, and that of her own fashion brand by choosing endorsements suited to her persona, such as OPI Nail Polish, L’Oreal.

 A Priceless Experience


MasterCard appear to have made a bold move choosing Stefani in their latest endorsement deals as the face of their Priceless Experiences campaign. The campaign is designed to offer MasterCard customers the opportunity to participate in once in a lifetime experiences provided through the credit card company – and even giving a few lucky customers the opportunity to meet talent such as Stefani herself.


For MasterCard, Why Is Gwen Stefani A Good Choice?

  • She is not too overly saturated in the media – she hasn’t overly endorsed products, and is fresh to the MasterCard scene.
  • She hits several target demographics: With her fashion line, her long standing music career, and her reality TV appearances, Stefani is exposed to several different target markets (so she has a large reach and diverse fan base).
  • Because of her long music career, and her TV career, Stefani is a household name.
  • She is appealing to the female demographic – and we all know that in the majority cases women make the financial decisions in households.


What Makes Stefani A Poor Choice?

  • Stefani’s youthful and quirky image doesn’t necessarily appeal to an older demographic. Teaming the image with the commercial line, “…you may even get the chance to meet Gwen Stefani.” Is not appealing to this generation.
  • How is Gwen Stefani a figure for experiences?


Who Would Be A Better Choice?

  • Talk show hosts such as Ellen DeGeneres would be highly complementary to the MasterCard Priceless Experiences campaign, as they’re a household name, and the format of their talk shows usually includes an experience giveaway. Thus, the association for the audience is high.
  • Athletes such as Shawn White (professional American Snowboarder) would also compliment the campaign due to their active outdoor experience persona.


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MasterCard isn't the only credit card company to use celebrity endorsement deals in their entertainment marketing mix. Capital One recently made Jennifer Garner their spokesperson for their Air Miles Venture Credit Card after ending a long endorsement deal with Alec Baldwin. You can read more about this here.

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