What Summer 2015 Shows Are The Hollywood Branded Team Excited To See?


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Summer is almost upon us, which means one of many things for the Hollywood Branded team, an onslaught of summer shows to obsess over!  A few from our team took some time out of their busy schedule to share what we're most looking forward to this summer, and why summer 2015 shows are set to be the best yet! Will you agree with our choices?

Stacy Jones - CEO

“While I don’t quite fit anymore into the demo for an MTV series, one of the best horror dramas coming to TV is the teen flick Scream. I was lucky enough to watch the pilot, and it’s shot like a film and is really done extremely well. MY DVR is ready to start recording!

For a new series targeting the guy demo, without a doubt, Ballers on HBO! Not only do our agency clients have a lot of product placement in the series, it is being called the next Entourage, and has the same producer – Mark Wahlberg. I loved Entourage, and my sports-fanatic hubby will dig it – so bound to be a summer household favorite.


I also can’t wait for the new season of Masters of Sex. It took me a while to finally start watching, but it’s now I’m part of the cult followers of this somewhat racy show! It’s a smart show that truly lets you see how far we’ve come since the 60s. And in some ways, haven’t.”

Michelle Hughes - Marketing & Media Manager

"Under the Dome for me! I loved the first season. Also, I’m intrigued by Aquarius – I wrote a report on Charles Manson when I was in grade school so it will be interesting to see… But most of all I’m an avid fan of Hannibal. Can’t wait to see who he eats next. Ha ha. Oh, wait – Ballers should be good too… I can’t decide."

Elizabeth Potash - Administrative Assistant



"I am looking forward to both Ballers and Sex, Drugs, & Rock n Roll because I love seeing stories of the less-glamorous side of a former star, be it hilarious, awkward, or dramatic. Both have great casts as well!"

Abi Haase - Social Media & Digital Content

"Hands down, I am on the edge of my seat looking forward to Aquarius! I am a huge sucker for crime dramas, especially when they are loosely based on real-life events! I have the feeling Aquarius has the potential to be a massive hit this summer.


It also seems as if David Duchovny has a busy schedule ahead of him, after the recent announcement of the cult classic X-Files reboot, we will be seeing no end of this talented star!"


Jie Jiang - Marketing Intern

"I haven’t watched any of the shows before, but after doing so much research on primetime TV shows and watching so many trailers during the first week at Hollywood Branded, I developed an interest in Hannibal. Thriller Horror is exactly my type! I think I’ll watch the previous two seasons while waiting for the third season!"

Anneliese Dominguez - Marketing Intern


"I’m super excited for Astronaut Wives Club. All they had to say to get me pumped for this show was, “From the minds behind Gossip Girl”. Anything created by those masterminds would, in my opinion, be worth watching. And it looks like it will probably have a lot of drama, and I love drama. I’m also excited for Aquarius because it’s a mystery and uhhh also… Grey Damon. *swoon*."


So There You Have It!

Now it is your turn to share! Comment below with the shows you're looking forward to and why you're looking forward to them. Perhaps you may have some suggestions as to what shows we could be watching that we may not know about (is that a challenge you're willing to accept?)!

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