Why Brands And Music Are Such Perfect Partners For Sales Success


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The Benefit Of Putting Music In Brand Ad Spots

Music plays consistently as a background to life for so many people.  Music creates a sensory experience, and cements memories, creating a recall basis that lasts a lifetime.  And it creates a fan base like no other platform can.  

By choosing the right song for a commercial spot, brands can capitalize on this fan base as well as the subconscious driver of the music's beat, to help drive sales. Or by creating a product placement in a music video, a brand receives global awareness that lasts a decade in replays. In this blog Hollywood Branded looks at why the music chosen for a brand commercial spot or product placement partnership in a music video can lead to major success for both the brand and the artist alike.


The Brand Marketer Benefit Of Music In Advertising

For marketers, music can be much more than just a background melody during an advertisement. That perfect song is the "something" consumers will associate the product to. And even when hearing it without the commercial, the association will be brought up in their subconscious throughout their day to day life.

Typically, most marketers prefer using celebrities who already have established an audience for themselves, however, even musicians who have a smaller fan base scale can be beneficial if their music is a good fit to the brand and will cause buzz around it. 

Burberry’s chief creative officer, Christopher Bailey, told The Guardian that music “sets directional mood for what we’re working on.” Burberry even created the Burberry Acoustic, a program set to focus on British musicians in online videos.


In addition, Burberry uses the appearance of music celebrities on different platforms, for example when Ed Sheeran was wearing their suit at the time he received his first Grammy Award earlier this year. This kind of approach towards the audience is profitable for both sides. While the musicians are associated with established brands with great reputations, the brands get to expand their target market that now also includes the musician’s fan audience.

The Artist Benefit of Appearing In A Brand’s Advertising

Artists - and their labels - who want to gain more recognition and increase their fan base can partner their music into an advertisement and be heard by a larger number of viewers then they would have without the ad partnership.  Instead of paying (yes that happens) or pushing a radio station for replays of a song, an artist can capitalize on the advertising budget of the brand.

In his post for Hypebot.com, Luke Nieuwenhijsen emphasizes the importance of understanding the music artist partnership to best leverage it:  “The collaboration between (the two) is strongest when brands can offer artists something they don’t already have or couldn’t otherwise access. In some cases, it’s a proper studio and a bigger audience”.

The advantage for musicians is equally important as the exposure – and being brand friendly - helps influence the future of their professional career.

The Music Video Partnership

The top video destinations on the web are, in order:

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Yahoo
  4. Vevo

Besides YouTube, Vevo is the preferred home for artists to list their music videos, and is a rock solid destination for brand marketers to support.

Music videos offer a fantastic platform for brands to be interwoven into a scene and featured by an artist.  Not only is there implied celebrity endorsement, music videos are watched online around the world – with top artists receiving hundreds of millions to even a billion or more views.  And what you pay for that type of exposure can literally be pennies to reach thousands of people. 

To a very engaged audience.

And for years to come.


Dr. Dre’s Beats speakers appear in Nick Minaj’s Anaconda video. Mark Mulligan, a music analyst for Midia Research, told Marketing Week that “People will be watching the Beats Pill in...Minaj’s Anaconda video 5 years from now and probably still buying one as a result.”  He then continued, “the key to brands getting into music videos is longevity…if a brand places an advert or product placement within a music video, it will still be seen two years from now and still in big numbers.

Ready To Find A Music Partner For Your Brand?

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