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Imperfect Is The New Black

Allowing your audience to see your true intentions is trendy and faking it until you make it is out of style. It’s 2020 and marketing has evolved from its traditional ways. Unedited disposables, relatable TikToks, and transparent brand missions have flooded our social feeds for the better, replacing superficial advertisements.

Let’s face it, we, as consumers, are fed up and deserve to understand the ins and outs of the brands we do business with. Transparency within campaigns is something that consumers desperately want, and that marketers are slowly starting to give them. In this blog, Hollywood Branded analyzes transparent marketing as the ultimate marketing strategy as effectively portrayed in modern influencer campaigns with Emma Chamberlain.


Let's Talk Reality: The Transition Of The Media Industry

Do you recall the advertisements of the 90’s flaunting the tanned skin, big muscles, and the impeccable, masculine character of Arnold Schwarzenegger? Or the size-zero women displayed with chiseled jaw lines and flawless makeup in Victoria’s Secret advertisements? Well, it didn’t take long for us as a society to begin criticizing the industry for trying to sell us through ‘flawless’ images that are nothing but false.

Although brand transparency hasn’t always been a concept, millennials are demanding it now more than ever. When these unrealistic ads inadvertently make us feel not normal or not enough, then we most definitely will not be consuming that product. Let’s face it: today, consumers' BS radars are more powerful than ever.

A lot has changed in the last decade when it comes to media marketing and it’s obvious that the idea of appearing ‘picture perfect’ has fallen. Idolizing the “perfect” human is outdated. Consumers want transparency, and if your brand doesn’t offer that, they will quickly look for information elsewhere.

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The Age Of Authentic Marketing

Ring! Ring! This is YOUR wake-up call to transition your strategy and work towards becoming transparent as a brand, not perfect.

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If we take a brief look at the strategies of brands like Patagonia and Aerie, we may recognize that they have one characteristic in common. They all have a mission of serving their audiences through transparent morale, which have effectively landed them spots as favorable brands across the board. Whether that’s by gearing their mission towards sustainability and providing the facts to let their customers make better decisions, or offering extended sizes on their clothing and promoting using un-photoshopped models, authentic marketing is at heart. By eliminating the superficial factors, they are able to directly cut through the clutter and relate to their target audience. Today, consumers are more aware of brand’s values and choose to stay loyal with those which they align with. According to Oberlo.com, 66% of consumers think transparency is one of the most attractive qualities in a brand.

Understanding your audience and relating to them should be the focal point of your brand’s marketing strategy.

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Authentic Influencer Case Study: Emma Chamberlain

Many of you may recognize Emma Chamberlain as the California-based lifestyle Youtuber with a coffee obsession and carefree attitude. Or maybe you even recognize her from photo dumps on Instagram and random dances on TikTok. With almost 10 million subscribers on Youtube, 11.1 million followers on Instagram, and 8.6 million followers on TikTok, she has risen to fame with her unapologetic and unfiltered humor. Today, she continues to grow with the launch of her very own coffee line, Chamberlain Coffee, her podcast “Stupid Genius”, and a pool of brand collaborations, ranging from luxury apparel like Louis Vuitton, Off White, and Calvin Klein to self care products including Bliss Skincare, and Curology.

To say the least, Chamberlain has created a successful personal brand for herself by simply going about her daily life and vlogging it. She continues to attract fans with her transparency. She will film a video minutes after rolling out of bed with a messy bun, sweatshirt on, and just be her authentic self. She even points out her acne on camera, explaining that she’s not ‘perfect’ nor does she care to be. Amongst a community of female Youtubers who function on the “appear event-ready and produce a planned video” formula, Emma stands out. Fans truly admire how real she is.emma chamberlain coffee

Chamberlain also speaks out about her own experience with anxiety and depression, and doesn’t refrain from posting, even when she isn’t having the greatest day or isn’t in the happiest mood. She allows viewers at home to see what’s really going on and be able to relate amidst hardships.

Not only with her organic content, but also with her unique editing style, Chamberlain has changed the world of online video. By zooming in to add humor, unpredictably pausing to emphasize a point, and adding supporting text and sound effects to her videos, Chamberlain's editing has become the new trend.

Her ultimate brand is authenticity, which has only proven successful. 

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Tips To Takeaway

Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, it’s time to be real with your audience. Take a look at these tips to implement transparency into your mix!

  • Share your personal story and brand mission.
  • Engage with your audience and understand their point of view.
  • Don't Spray Paint the Fruit and attempt to make everything look perfect on camera.
  • Reveal your struggles. 

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