13 Steps To Get Celebrities To Your Event


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The Importance of Having a Plan Before Paying for Celebrity Endorsements

Have you ever considered hiring a celebrity to attend your event or promote your brand? While having a high-profile guest can generate valuable media attention, securing a celebrity endorsement is rarely free of charge and negotiating the terms can be tricky.

From choosing the right celebrity to avoiding hiring multiple agencies for celebrity outreach, we'll guide you through the entire process of inviting a celebrity to your event. So whether you're planning a party, trade show, or product launch, keep reading to learn how to make the most of your celebrity partnership without breaking the bank. In this blog, Hollywood Branded will provide you with 13 tips on how to successfully navigate the complex world of celebrity partnerships and avoid common mistakes that could ruin your brand's reputation.

13 Steps To Get Celebrities To Your Event

Making an Offer to a Celebrity: Essential Tips for Brand Managers

I hope you enjoyed Passover, Easter or at least some downtime to consume all the food, chocolate, candy and other goodies that come with spending time with family celebrating either of these holidays. 

One of the top-performing articles I've written in the last decade is about how to hire a celebrity to attend your event. There are a lot of misconceptions about celebrities, and I've gone down a rabbit hole after that infamous Easter bunny to help better paint a picture on 13 things to focus on to help ensure your brand succeeds.

When hosting a party, trade show, or product launch, having a celebrity attend can generate valuable media attention. However, securing a high-profile guest is rarely free of charge, and negotiating the terms can be tricky. Unless you want to spend a fortune, planning ahead and avoiding missteps that could ruin the partnership is essential.

I understand the importance of ensuring a brand's money is successfully leveraged to provide the maximum return.  It's not about getting the cheapest deal - that is not what Hollywood partnerships are about at all.  Instead, the focus should be on how to get the most from your partnership, and how to ensure your celebrity partner is fully supporting your brand.

Check out the list below that will help guide brand managers through inviting a celebrity to their event. By following these tips, you'll be able to make the most of the opportunity without breaking the bank or missing out on crucial requests like social media posts, meet and greets, and photo shoots.

The Importance of Having a Plan Before Paying for Celebrity Endorsements

While paying a fee to secure a celebrity for your brand's event may seem like a good idea, it can easily backfire if you're not prepared. Many brand managers make the mistake of not having a clear plan in place, which can lead to disappointment and wasted resources.

The value of a well-executed celebrity endorsement is tremendous. Before reaching out to a celebrity, it's crucial to have a solid plan in place. This will not only help you avoid costly mistakes but also ensure that you get the most out of your investment. So don't rush into paying for a celebrity endorsement without first doing your homework.

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Share Event Marketing Materials with Your Celebrity Guest

To ensure that your celebrity guest is fully informed and motivated to attend your event, it's essential to share your event marketing materials with them. This includes the invitation, any promotional materials, and a brand overview sheet that explains what your brand is trying to accomplish and the reason behind the event.

When sharing the brand overview sheet, it's important to emphasize the higher vision behind the event rather than just selling your product. This will give the celebrity a sense of purpose and motivation to attend. By understanding the bigger picture, they'll be more likely to be enthusiastic about promoting your event on social media and to their fan base.

Often, the success of your event has a pretty heavy reliance on the involvement of your celebrity guest, so I recommend taking the time to prepare and finalize your event materials before sharing them with your guest. This will ensure that they clearly understand the event and feel excited about attending.

How to Choose the Right Celebrity for Your Event

When selecting a celebrity to attend your event, it's essential to consider several factors to ensure you get the most out of your investment. You need to determine what type of celebrity is the best fit for your event. Do you need A-list star power, or will B-list or C-list stars suffice? Should you choose a musician, athlete, actor, or personality? Is there a specific age range that's more appropriate for your target audience? Do you need a celebrity with an obvious brand fit, or someone who generates media attention?

Focusing on what the brand needs rather than personal preferences is important. Get the entire brand management team on board before reaching out to celebrities. It's also crucial to be realistic about availability. Stars currently working on films or music tours may not be available, and those already supporting multiple events may not have the time or energy to attend.

On the other hand, celebrities with upcoming feature films, TV shows, or album launches may be more eager to attend and generate media coverage. Research what projects are on the horizon and whether they align with your brand's values and goals.

Choosing the right celebrity for your event can make or break its success, so I recommend taking the time to consider these factors before reaching out.

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How to Avoid Hiring Multiple Agencies for Celebrity Outreach

When it comes to celebrity outreach, less is often more. Many brands make the mistake of signing with multiple agencies to approach the same talent, thinking that it will increase their chances of success. However, this can actually backfire and drive up the price tag of the talent, as competition is created in the marketplace.

This. Is. My. Biggest. Pet. Peeve.
Seriously. What a great way to mess up your partnership. 

I recommend working with a single agency and providing them with a reasonable time limit to secure talent. If there are concerns about their ability to deliver, a cancellation clause can be included. You don't want to have multiple people representing your brand. It is messy, and it never is successful. I've also seen it where a brand drives their own price up by securing more than one agency to represent them. Really, I've watched a deal go from low 7 figures to a skyrocketing 8 figures quickly from mistakes like this.

Suppose multiple agencies are hired to approach the same talent. In that case, it's important to provide them with differentiation in terms of the type of celebrity they approach, such as musicians, sports stars, actors, or personalities. This will minimize the risk of competition and ensure that each agency has a clear role.

By avoiding the mistake of hiring multiple agencies for celebrity outreach, brands can save time and money while improving their chances of securing the right talent for their event.  I originally wrote a similar article based on an experience where we were hired to get red carpet friendly talent to a branded content premiere.  The client did pretty much everything wrong that they could, and I spent ridiculous amounts of time trying to fix their mistakes - which included hiring a handful (handful!) of agencies to secure talent on their behalf.

There just isn't that many people in Hollywood to talk to if you are working through the talent agencies. Sure, you can go direct through managers, or other windy paths that may result in a deal with a celebrity - but most of the time these partnerships are Talent Agent packaged. So don't go out and hire multiple people to speak to the same agents. It's stupid, a waste of money, and will screw up your deal. 

If multiple agencies approach the same talent or their management with an offer, it can result in a bidding war and lead to inflated prices. Agencies may also offer different rates or add-on services like product trades, car service, or hair and makeup, which can create confusion and conflict.

If you decide to hire more than one agency, it's important to provide talent type differentiation. For example, one agency can focus on musicians, while another focuses on sports stars, actors, or personalities.

By avoiding hiring multiple agencies for celebrity outreach, brands can save money and ensure they get the best possible talent for their event.

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Making An Offer To Your Chosen Celebrity

Once you've established your plan and budget and agreed upon the type of celebrity to approach, it's time to create an Offer Letter outlining the deal points. The letter should specify what the talent is required to do, such as social media posts, red carpet appearances, meet-and-greets, product photos, and interviews. It should also state the time commitment, including the arrival and departure times.

It's important to set a deadline for the offer letter and let the celebrity know that the deal will expire if a response is not provided within a reasonable amount of time. Celebrity managers take these offers seriously, so it's essential to have a strategic plan in place and make offers based on the actual available budget, without exceeding it.

I understand that celebrities can significantly impact a brand's reputation and budget. That's why we advise our clients to be strategic and realistic when making offers. It's crucial to safeguard your brand's reputation by not randomly tossing offers everywhere to see what will stick. By having a clear plan and budget in place, you can make offers that you can actually fulfill without compromising your resources or reputation.

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How to Contact a Celebrity's Talent Management or Publicist

When reaching out to celebrities, contacting their talent management or publicist is important. You can find their contact information on websites such as www.imdbpro.com,as www.contactanycelebrity.com, or www.whorepresents.com.  The celebrity is NOT going to respond to you directly. They have people for that, and even those people have people that. You are not going to DM someone and get a response.  

I recommend working with seasoned professionals who have experience in celebrity outreach. They can help you navigate the complex world of celebrity representation and negotiate the best deals for your brand.

If you choose to reach out directly, be prepared to pay higher price tags. Celebrity representatives are skilled at negotiating on behalf of their clients, and they often have a deep understanding of the market value of their talent. By working with professionals, you can ensure that you get the best possible talent for your event at a fair price. 

It's not about getting someone for 'less' money. It's about leveraging that someone for the most possible max usage of your budget.

Contacting a celebrity's talent management or publicist is essential in securing their attendance at your event. Whether you choose to work with seasoned professionals or reach out directly, it's important to have a clear plan and budget in place and be prepared to negotiate.

This became a rather long email newsletter... so I popped 7 more ways to fully leverage a celebrity at an event in to this blog so you can continue your reading... or jump down to a couple of blogs our team wrote this week instead. 

Creating a Paper Trail for Your Celebrity Deal

When making an offer to a celebrity, it's important to expect one or more counteroffers. The talent manager is looking to make the most money for their celebrity, so be prepared for a dialogue. Consider using product trade to sweeten the deal if necessary.

Once the offer is accepted, it's crucial to create a contract outlining the specifics of what has been agreed upon. The contract should include payment terms (celebrities may request upfront payment, but brands can negotiate for 50% upfront and 50% on the day of or the day after the event), as well as every detail the celebrity is expected to execute, including social media posts, product pictures, red carpet appearances, and meet-and-greets.

The contract should also outline what happens if the celebrity has to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, and how refunds will be handled. It's essential to have a backup plan and consider having more than one celebrity in place to safeguard the event.

At Hollywood Branded, we understand the importance of having a paper trail for your celebrity deal. It's essential to protect your brand's interests and ensure that everything that's been agreed upon is delivered. By having a clear contract in place, you can avoid misunderstandings and legal issues down the line.

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Collaborate with Influencers and Micro-Influencers

If you don't have the budget for an A-list celebrity, consider partnering with influencers or micro-influencers who have a smaller but more engaged following. These individuals can help promote your event to their followers and generate buzz, without breaking the bank.  Also set up a social media campaign. Social media is important for driving awareness and engagement around your event. Consider creating a unique hashtag or launching a social media campaign to spread the word and make sure you are reaching your target audience. 

After the event, make sure to thank everyone who participated and celebrate your event's success with special content. Consider posting photos, videos and other engaging content featuring celebrities or influencers that were involved in the event. This will help keep your event in mind and extend its reach further. You can even use the same hashtag you created for pre-event promotion to post this content as well.   Additionally, you can use social media to run polls and surveys to get feedback from the attendees. This will help you understand what worked well and what could be improved for future events. 

By leveraging the power of social media, your event can have a much larger reach and an even greater impact. Don’t forget to measure the success of your event by tracking impressions, engagement, and conversations generated before and after the event. This will help you understand the return on investment for your efforts.     Finally, remember to thank everyone who was involved in making the event a success - from celebrities or influencers to organizers, volunteers, staff and more. A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘follow us’ message can make all the difference! 

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Offer Incentives

Incentives are a great way to entice influencers to attend your event. It's going to have to be a really nice incentive to entice a celebrity. But it's been known to happen. Some ideas for incentives include free or discounted tickets, access to exclusive events or areas within the venue, premium accommodation and/or travel arrangements, complimentary meals and beverages, invitations to after-parties and more. As with anything else related to your event, do not forget to evaluate what wowed your influencers and what didn’t work. This will help you better plan for future events and strategies.

Analyze the Results

You have invested a lot of time, money and effort into bringing celebrities or influencers to your event - now it is time to analyze if it was worth it. Start by evaluating how their presence affected attendance , ticket sales, social media presence, and other measurable metrics. Additionally, you should look at how the influencers performed at the event regarding their interactions with attendees and any press coverage or online activity resulting from their participation. From there, you can adjust your strategy for the next time.

Going forward, consider what worked well in terms of the influencers you used, their content creation and how it resonated with the audience. Also consider what didn’t work, such as the type or quality of content they created. You can use this information to find better-suited partners for future events who understand your goals and target audience.

By evaluating your influencer activities and using the insights to adjust or refine your strategy, you can ensure each event packs a bigger punch and drives greater return on investment. You’ll be well-equipped to continue leveraging influencer marketing for successful events in the future. 

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Consider A Virtual Celebrity Appearance

In today's digital age, virtual celebrity appearances are becoming increasingly popular. These can be done via video call or pre-recorded message, generating valuable media attention and social media buzz. Virtual appearances are often more affordable than in-person appearances and can be a great option for brands with limited budgets.  

Involve Your Audience in the Conversation

Engaging your audience is key when it comes to successful events. You can do this by encouraging attendees to participate in the conversation on social media or share experiences with friends, family and colleagues. This will help  create a sense of community and can help extend the reach of your event long after it’s over. You could also explore how to leverage your celebrity or influencer guests within this.

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Be Smart In Choosing Who To Work With

Is the celebrity super swamped and never going to make time for you and your event? Pass.  Are they eager to build awareness around them because their star has lost some luster? Sign them. Having an eager celebrity on your team who might not be QUITE as big as someone else is so worth it. If someone is excited to work with your brand, versus it being just another job to them - you can imagine the result you are going to get.  For one - you will only get from that super popular celebrity exactly what was contracted. Not anything more.  

Get More Resources for Your Celebrity Event

I fully understand the importance of maximizing the impact of celebrity partnerships while staying within budget. By following these additional tips and working with experienced professionals, you can make the most of your celebrity event and create a successful campaign that resonates with your audience.

One of the easiest ways to make your celebrity event a success is to work with an entertainment marketing agency that has established contacts with talent and their representatives. These agencies have personal contacts with management, PR, and talent agencies and are aware of what celebrities' rates typically range from. By working with an experienced agency, you can get the results you want while saving time, energy, and money.

Our team has years of celebrity outreach experience and has helped numerous brands secure top-tier talent for their events. Our team has established relationships with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and we know what it takes to make a celebrity event a success.

To get started, check out our blog section, where our team regularly shares insights and tips on celebrity endorsement, event marketing, and more. We cover everything from how to create a successful safety net with celebrity endorsement to common mistakes brands make in celebrity outreach. Our goal is to help you make the most of your celebrity event and create a memorable experience that resonates with your audience.

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Eager To Learn More?

The key to a successful celebrity partnership is to find the perfect match for your brand or event and to approach the negotiation process with a clear strategy in mind. With these tips in hand, you're one step closer to making your next event a truly A-list affair!

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