3 Content Marketing Tools You Should Be Using Right Now


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Alleviate Your Content Marketing Anxiety

We’re living in an age where the creation of content is more consistent than most of our tax returns. It seems like every website, brand, and agency alike has cracked the code to effective content marketing strategies.

Sure, they may have blogs and an engaging Instagram, but don’t be fooled by their fancy video content. Chances are, these businesses are using tools that you can apply for yourself! Better yet, some may even be free! We're here to give you options. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shows you 3 Content Marketing tools that you should be using right now!

3 content marketing tools you should be using right now!

Tune into PowToon 

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Ever wondered how to create those cute cartoon videos that you saw online. Maybe you’re an aspiring cartoonist, or maybe you have fantasies of drawing steam boats with Walt Disney, either way, we have the perfect application for you. PowToon is an animated content creation tool that helps you make super customizable animated videos. These are great for explainer videos, presentations, or even Hollywood bar mitzvahs.

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Photo Credit: PowToon 

I have personally witnessed this software be used as an opening act to a stage play live performance, so the possibilities are quite vast with this program. There is a paid version that offers even more images to use, HD quality, and the ability to create animations longer than 5 minutes. You may find yourself satisfied with the free version, that’s totally fine; but if you find yourself seeking a truly expanded experience and even more customizability, the paid subscription will not leave you disappointed. 

What’s the price point, Bub?

PowToon is essentially free! There is a paid version offering more services, but you may need to animate a bigger budget to afford it. Our team does - and it is absolutely worth it.

You may find yourself satisfied with the free version, if you’re just looking to trim video or perform other simple tasks, that’s totally fine; but if you find yourself seeking a truly expanded experience and even more customizability, the paid subscription will not leave you disappointed. 


Explainer videos. Informative content. Presentations. On-Brand social media.

Headline Your Feeds With Headliner 

Despite being born into this world the same time as most current teens, Podcasts have nearly taken over the content marketing scene. In the last 4 years, podcast listeners in the U.S. population have doubled, rising from 12 percent 2013 to 24 percent. 

Podcasts allow for in-depth discussions to take place surrounding a myriad of niche subjects. Even better, there’s no annoying camera getting in the way of people’s security in themselves. The natural ebb and flow of the conversation is preserved. But, of course, what if you want to market that podcast on social media?


Photo Credit: Headliner 

Posting the link to the podcast page could work, but your audience deserves better than that. Instead, why not turn that audio into an actual video…with subtitles! Intrigued? Your friends at SpareMin have developed a software that does just that, and it’s called Headliner.

This is a website dedicated to turning your audio files into watchable videos complete with audio waveforms and an automated transcript. 
You may say why would I use this if I can quickly capture my audio with a screen recorder or a simple recording app? That’s the beauty of Headliner! It’s viciously simple to do, but we’ll provide steps because we’re nice. 

 The Steps:

  1. Upload the audio file
  2. The file automatically transcribes.
  3. Edit the transcript as needed.
  4. Decide whether or not you want moving images in the background. The program will automatically generate relevant photos from Getty Images.
  5. Export in your desired format.
  6. Look cooler than everyone else.

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Photo Credit: Headliner

That’s it! Simply upload the audio file, wait for headliner to transcribe it (seconds of time), make necessary changes to the transcript, select a waveform (the squiggly thing that moves to the sound of your milky voice), and export it! Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself. In no time, you’ll be able to quickly take those interviews that your agency was featured in and redistribute them to your base.

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Make Movie Magic with Magisto 

You know that feeling that you get when you wake up from a fantastic dream, but you can’t remember it? It’s that feeling of mysterious delight. It’s the invisible hand that erases your journey, but somehow retains the the glorious ending, in detail. That’s Magisto. With this nifty program, you’ll be making quality videos wondering “How did I just do that?” 

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Photo Credit: Magisto

Magisto just might be the world’s most powerful storytelling engine. It also helps to know the it is the only complete video marketing platform powered by A.I. The amount of brain power that you have to employ to create visually compelling material is laughable. This program does everything for you.

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Photo Credit: Magisto

The Steps:

  1. Upload your business videos and photos
  2. Choose a video editing style and soundtrack from the library.
  3. Our A.I. powered professional video maker will analyse and edit your video.

Now before you continue, I must address the elephant in the professional editor’s room. Yes, even if you already have video editing software such as iMovie or Adobe Premiere, Magisto is still such an asset to have. If you are a professional video editor, I know what you’re thinking.

In fact, here's a list of statements that may be going through your head.  

  • But…Adobe Premiere allows more control and precision!
  • I won’t feel like a real editor using an A.I. controlled software.
  • It’ll just be faster if I edit this from beginning to end.
  • All of my film school friends will make fun of me!

As an individual who swore by traditional editing programs’ superiority over A.I. programs, I’d like to advise all of the hardcore editors to chill out with their hesitations. Magisto is a tool that requires no video editing experience whatsoever. Imagine, now, if you do have experience? Imagine if someone on your team has experience? Magisto truly shines when strategically combined with traditional editing programs. It’s a linear program that rewards non-linear thinking. The possibilities are truly endless.

Watch the Video

Get To Work!

These are just three of the dozens of available programs for your agency or business to employ. Using these tools, content marketing should prove to be a much simpler process. Stick to a program for a few weeks, test it out, and try to produce relevant content.

If you don’t like it, try something else! Or, employ all three! These are programs that we as an agency use quite frequently, so be confident in knowing that these are tools that are industry tested. Who knows, maybe there will be a part two to this blog?! With all of the time that we’re saving not scratching our heads, a second addition filled with even more tools to use could prove wildly beneficial.

In the meantime, why not check out these helpful marketing tips created by our always up-to-date team of marketing specialists!

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