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    5 Celebrities Who Sell Brands With Their Voices

    Posted by Stacy Jones on September 30, 2019 at 8:51 AM

    Can You Identify Celebrities By Their Voice?

    Celebrities endorsements have been around for as long as there have been celebrities and brands. And since the invention of television, these celebrities have been on your screen selling everything from soda to cars to political candidates. And for good reason - celebrity endorsements are proven to work.

    And it's not just their image - celebrity voices can be just as powerful. And while you may not have realized some of these celebs voiced the commercials they're in, your subconscience recognizes their voices... and you may be surprised at who they actually are.   In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at celebrity endorsement ads for 5 celebrities whose voices are used to sell brands.

    Celebrity Voices Brand Partnerships

    Esurance - John Krasinski

    The actor behind The Office's lovable Jim Halpert has been the voice in the Esurance commercials since 2011. For some reason, TV's favorite goofball makes buying insurance seem far less stressful - just with the sound of his voice. And it must be working after 5 continual years as the voice of Esurance.

    Take a listen:

    Mercedes Benz - Jon Hamm

    Mad Men's Donald Draper can sell just about anything under the sun. And apparently his voice can too. Jon Hamm, who played the suave advertising exec has been lending his velvety voice to Mercedes Benz since 2010. 

    Hamm has also done voiceovers for American Airlines, however it is his Mercedes Benz commercials that really catch the ear.

    He also has voiced video brochures for high end makes such as the Mercedes-Maybach S600.

    Feast your ears:

    Hollywood Branded Influencer Marketing School

    Visa - Morgan Freeman

    Okay, okay so this one is definitely recognizable. Which is also what makes it such a great one.  Yes, he immediately lost a newly running voice campaign that was part of Vancouver's metro bus system - or at least it was put on hold when the sexual-harrassment allegations were made, with the ultimate results still pending on both whether Vancouver will return to using his voice, and what may come of those allegations.

    Morgan Freeman has probably the most recognizable voice in the entertainment industry, narrating everything from March Of The Penguins to 30 For 30. His voice is confidence-inspiring, smooth and with a certain amount of gravitas that makes you just want to go out and sign up for a Visa.

    Army - Gary Sinise

    Whether you realized it or not, the actor who played the famous Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump now voices commercials for the Army. 

    Perhaps it is the actor's experience playing a veteran or his extensive history of support for veterans and servicemen and women that makes him a perfect man for the role.

    Whatever it is, his voice has become synonymous with the Army Strong commercials:

    Kaiser Permanente - Allison Janney

    Whenever her calming voice comes on the radio or TV we know Kaiser Permanente is about to sell us healthcare. "Live well, be well, thrive." Right?

    What some of us may not have realized is that the voice behind the Kaiser Permanente commercials is Allison Janney, the seven-time Emmy winner and star of legendary political drama The West Wing.

    Her voice is absolutely perfect for the spots and has become synonymous with "thriving".

    Could Your Brand Marketing Use A Celebrity Boost?

    Celebrities can elevate a brand with just the sound of their voice, and the power of their image.  

    There are several options for brands who want to partner with celebrities -- and not necessarily spend six figures in doing so.  From product placement on TV, to sponsoring the events celebrities attend, to social media partnerships, brands today have tremendous options on leveraging that star quality on their own brand.

    Be sure to check out these blogs our team wrote on how to best work with celebrities!

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    Originally published 9/23/2016 and now updated

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