5 Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out To A Social Media Influencer


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YouTube and other social media stars are their own kind of celebrity - with massive followings they have the ability to directly influence their followers. They're also breaking into the world of Hollywood more and more now.

While a social influencer endorsement of your brand can work wonders, you have to make sure the influencer him or herself actually likes the brand.  In this post, Hollywood Branded looks at 5 ways you can do as a brand marketer to make your brand appealing to a teenage social media influencer. 


Brand Deals from a Beauty Guru’s Perspective

While many Youtubers fail to discuss how they actually make Youtube a full time job, one of the most relevant Youtubers of the moment in the beauty community has created a video detailing how brand deals work from a Youtuber’s (and an 18-year-old’s) perspective.  Take a listen to the advice in the video below from Youtuber Megan, of Miss Megan Makeup, who shares “It’s important to not make your channel like a commercial and only work with the companies that you’re like ‘woah, ok, that’s a good one.’”



Standing Out To Social Influencers

Below are 5 ways to make your brand stand out to a social media influencer

1. Choose A Demographic

Refrain from reaching out to someone who doesn’t match your company’s vibe. Reach out to those you can see genuinely enjoying your product. 

2. Be Sure To Reach Out To Someone Who You Can See Being Attracted To Your Products Packaging

When you watch almost any haul a beauty guru does - if the packaging is cute most of the time they will mention that. You will also hear them say, “I wanted to try this just because the packaging is so cute. Try to find Youtubers that will look at your product on a shelve of one hundred other products and still pick yours just from packaging alone. 

3. Help Them With Video Ideas

If you want to potentially have them create content other than just a sit down review of your product, include a couple ways they can make the video more interesting when you send them the product information. For instance you can send them a mood board or links to your social media handles. Or offer for them to call you and have a brainstorm session if they’re interested. 

4. Let Them Know That They Can Give An Honest Review

As a startup brand - any buzz is good buzz. Whether they like your product or not they still want views on their videos so chances are they will take the time to create relevant content even if the review is negative. You can also gain buyers from their loyal followers even if the review is negative. Viewers may want to try the product out regardless of their review. Somebody that already uses the product or the brand might start conversation on the video and cause debate. 

5. Give Them Incentive

Along with their paid placement, create a code for them to have their followers use. For every person that uses their link, give them credit to the store so they can use it and try more of your products.

Learn From The (Beauty) Pros

Take a look to see some great examples of some of the newer brands dominating the beauty community on Youtube below:

First Aid Beauty claims to target specific skin issues such as eczema, aging and acne while being safe for even the most sensitive skin types.


Upon entering First Aid Beauty’s website they offer a subscription discount:



Glossier claims that they are building a modern beauty brand inspired by real life. They’re creating new essentials informed by you, by your friends, by high-low culture (fashion, art, the Internet), and that celebrate what it means to be a girl today.Glossier_2.png

Glossier offers incentive. Get a $10 credit when your friends make their first purchase. (They’ll get 20% off if they use your link).



Wildflower handmade crafted phone cases are created in Southern California. They offer limited edition designs every month.


Wildflower features one of the biggest Youtubers, Maddi Bragg, and her exclusive phone case.



Social Media Celebrities Are Taking Over Hollywood

with so many different up and coming brands these days, differentiating your brand really matters to stand out from the clutter!

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