7 Steps To Increase Brand Sales With A Product Placement Company


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Optimizing (Not Guaranteeing) Product Placement Opportunities

When working on product placement integration people often ask us what the best ways are to make sure success is GUARANTEED.  But things happen. Final edits can preclude a scene from being included.  A camera angle can be just a little off.  The brand's label could be turned away from the camera. 

Sometimes it's going to be beyond your control.  But there are ways you can help make success happen. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares 7 steps to increase brand sales with a product placement company or for brands doing it themselves.

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7 Key Tactics To Make Product Placement Success Happen

1. First, it is important to work with a specialist and expert who is well seasoned in the entertainment industry. Working with a seasoned expert who is familiar with product placement strategies can guarantee a fast path to success. Why? Relationships are everything in Hollywood.  And product placement agencies have their ear to the ground to hear about opportunities you would never learn about.  

2. You must create a budget. It is important to determine how much money you have for product, shipping, and the agency fee. Keep in mind the importance of the agency you choose - they're not only giving their time and sharing resources, but also their relationships and industry knowledge, which should provide the brand with their destined ROI.

3. It is important to have a plan and determine who you would like to partner with. Decide who the desired target consumer demographic is, and which properties have relevant audiences to fit the brand's marketing goals.

4. Remember, not all exposure is good exposure. Be sure to avoid negative on-screen product usage or verbiage by talking with the production decision makers about how the brand will appear for every exposure opportunity.

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5. Be sure to supply, and have on-hand, plenty of products if you're planning a comprehensive program. 

6. Make sure that you get in front of the decision makers. The brand needs to be in lots of productions' hands or it will lose out on opportunities that get scripted into bigger wins at the last minute.

7. Finally, make sure that you set realistic expectations. Don't expect every placement to result in success! Many placements won't make the final cut during the editing process - it can be as simple as being a numbers game. Be open to the fact that you will have some okay placements, and you will also have some big wins that will make your competitors cringe.

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The Product Placement Insights Infographic On How To Make Sales Success Happen

Learn 10 surprising reasons brands do product placement and why brands should always participate in TV pilots despite the risk of not making it on air.

Check out this infographic which is part of a larger series of graphic tools to help you become a better brand marketer.  You can see the full infographic on Product Placement which provides a detailed Product Placement 101 overview.


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