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    How To #15: 9 Steps To Successfully Plan A Talk Show Integration

    Posted by Stacy Jones on March 25, 2019 at 12:07 PM

    Making Sales Happen With Talk Shows

    National - and local - talk and entertainment news programs offer one of the fastest, most affordable and engaging platforms to reach and influence the (largely) female TV viewer and primary household buyer decision maker.  Brands obtain major cache from the implied celebrity endorsement from the show's hosts,  and the impact of consumer engagement can be easily tracked by rises in web traffic and online searches and even sales.  

    However, neglecting to plan the talk show activation can jeopardize the potential benefits and cause home viewers to tune out instead of tuning in and purchasing. In this blog, Hollywood Branded provides nine steps to activating a talk show integration to guarantee website traffic increase, celebrity endorsement perception and sales success!

    Plan A Successful Talk Show Integration

    Targeting The Talk Show Audience

    The primary talk show viewer is a woman 25 to 54 + years of age, with a household income of $70k with niche household incomes ranging over six figures.

    Talk shows shoot and air typically the same day or within two weeks, resulting in one of the fastest on-air turnaround options for a brand to get exposure.

    Beyond the obvious on-air integration exposure, these brand partnerships result in impactful social media and PR content assets due to the perceived celebrity endorsement by show hosts like Ellen DeGeneres, Meredith Vieira or Queen Latifah.

    Talk shows generate sales and create chatter online, but if a brand manager doesn’t put a plan in place or have the education and knowledge of what options exist, then the impact is degraded.

    I recorded a podcast talking about Talk Show brand partnerships, which you can check out here:

    I've created this 9 step road map for brand managers, to help ensure Talk Show partnership success! And along the way...shown you examples of successful partnerships for a variety of shows and brands. So read on! And if you have any questions, simply reach out to our team to chat!

    Hollywood Branded has MAJOR experience working with talk shows to create segment integrations, and you can download our Talk Show Guide by clicking the image below.

    Talk Show Opportunities On TV

    1. Do The Research

    Not every talk show is equal to the other, and brand managers should do their research to determine which productions offer the right fit. Look at the demographic of the show, distribution and audience reach, time slot and overall storyline content. Make sure the show organically fits with the brand.  

    The Demo:

    • Daytime talk shows skew more female, and older.
    • Night time talk shows skew more male, and younger.
    • Early evening entertainment news shows skew younger, with more of a split male/female ratio.

    Talk show integration segments occur every week, and there are also special themed segments such as Mother’s Day, Spring Cleaning, and Dads & Grads, to name just a few.

    Not every talk show is equal to the other

    Sciton's Nanolaserpeel on The Doctors Coordinated By Hollywood Branded 

    2. Reach Out & Follow Up

    When reaching out to the production, the correct point person to speak with will be the integration or segment producer. Come prepared with a quick ironclad story pitch on why the brand’s product is not only unique, but also a great fit for the show. Think outside the box. The producer is looking for a way to break through the clutter and differentiate.

    If a charity component fits, build it into the overall pitch.

    Have a follow up email already prepared outlining the story just pitched, with images of the brand and a description of the on-air giveaway that will accompany it for audience or individual gifting. Send this immediately following the call while the brand is still top of mind.

    When reaching out to the production

    Dearfoams on Jimmy Kimmel Coordinated By Hollywood Branded

    3. The Giveaway

    And on the subject of on-air giveaway - for daytime and early evening shows, yes, it's needed. Dependent on the segment, there may be a significant prizing opportunity for a single individual (in the thousands of $'s).  Or it may be a $150 value for between 60 to 450 individuals. Typically in the mid 200 range.


    Two to five of the same items to be given away will need to be sent to the production for pre-approval once interest is engaged. Create a fun gift presentation in order to stand out and allow the production points an interesting opening experience. For actual day-of giveaways, some productions prefer gift cards that audience members can redeem. The brand will be expected to cover any associated shipping costs. Other productions prefer to have the brand on hand with the audience walking away with the product if the brand is of manageable size. If the item to be given away has several components, they will need to be packaged together. 

    Create a fun gift presentation in order to stand out

    BlackBerry on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Coordinated By Hollywood Branded

    4. The Price Tag

    Talk shows require different fee structures based on the specific show, the on-air and off-air elements included, audience size and reach, and the typical ad rate. Some shows can be secured with straight trade out of audience gifting and no fee. Other talk shows will require a fee ranging from $25,000 and even over $150,000+. Often it depends on the category, the ‘cool’ factor of the brand, and the overall value the show is receiving if an audience giveaway is a core component.  At a minimu, typically know it will be around the $50k to $75k range for daytime shows.  

    Most talk shows have an audience ranging in size from 250 to 450, and expect an audience gift to be valued north of $150.

    With the exception of higher integration fees, it will be rare for productions to call out a .com visually on screen, with the possible exception of a lower chyron on screen.

    “As Seen On” verbiage will typically require a royalty fee based on where the brand wishes to display the show’s logo, starting at a minimum of $50,000. 

    For night time, think much much bigger - most networks require ad buys during prime time, and the price tags are well into 7 figure media deals to support the mid 6 to low 7 figure integration deal.

    Talk shows require different fee structures based on the specific show
     Fashion Angels on The View Coordinated By Hollywood Branded

    5. What To Ask For

    The home run integration will include on-air visuals, verbal mentions and specific brand messaging, as well as online giveaway component on the show’s website. A ‘big’ win will include the show posting on its own social platforms a call out about the brand or including in a blog on the show’s website.

    Verbal messaging will range from one to two sentences typically, which the brand manager should craft and present. Production may polish the verbiage for a number of reasons – including making it easier for the show host to get the messaging right the first – and only - time around. Simplicity is key. Be sure to phonetically sound out in writing any troublesome brand names, as hosts will not get them right and will need to practice prior to the air date.
     Verbal messaging will range from one to two sentences typically

    PassionRoses on The Talk Coordinated By Hollywood Branded 

    Ideally obtain a guarantee of on-screen graphic of a lower chyron with the brand name and/or a messaging point. Sometimes the noise of the audience cheering obliterates the on air messaging. Having another way to get the message seen and heard is important.

    Brand managers should seek approval for a social media pre- and after-show post, which will need to have the verbiage cleared by the production.

    Approval and additional dollars will be legally needed to post the clip on the brand’s website. As an alternative ask for approval to post a link to the video on the brand’s social media sites, linking to the show’s own website where the content lives.

    A short press release should be written by the brand and simply posted online on one of any number of sites that are low cost but great at seeding content out, like  The goal with the press release is to establish a long term SEO footprint and association to the production and host. 

    6. Now What, They Want To Move Forward

    So you've gotten a 'yes!' from the show.  Now you get to do a very (hah) simple word. Contract. Contract! Contract!! Confirm everything. Make sure the brand name is phonetically spelled out, and that each aspect negotiated is included in the contract. And read it a few times more for good measure.

    So you've gotten a 'yes!' from the show

    Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Extra! TV Coordinated By Hollywood Branded

    7. Before It Airs

    Before the show goes live, develop a hashtag that is trackable and share the pre-show approved post out on your social media along with the air date. (For more information about using social media at events, click here). 

    Before the show goes live

     Syneron's VelaShape on Dr. Oz Coordinated By Hollywood Branded

    8. The Shoot

    Make sure there is a display that fits the brand’s core messaging. Productions will work with the brand to develop the display, and typically include a sign with logo and product image, along with actual product.

    The brand should have a representative on site during the day of shoot, to ensure there is no confusion, to correct mispronounced names during a dry run, and to make sure the display is set up with logos facing the camera. 

    Display that fits the brand’s core messaging

     Shell on Live With Kelly & Regis Coordinated By Hollywood Branded

    (We told you we've been doing this a long time...)

    New call-to-action

    9. Measurable ROI

    If a discount code is made available to home viewers with a downloadable coupon, either on air or on the show’s website, tracking becomes extremely easy. Additional options include tracking the integration-specific hashtag and looking for additional social media chatter. An all important aspect is looking at Google Analytics to see website traffic the day of and the days immediately following the integration. 

    If a discount code is made available

    Divi Village Resort on The Steve Harvey Show Coordinated By Hollywood Branded 

     A Case Study On Talk Show Success

    If you liked the podcast above, make sure you check out this case study where I talk about how one brand has really managed to create a smart talk show partnership.

    Ready For Your Talk Show Segment Integration?

    To learn more about making product placement work for your brand, read our blog on 3 Reasons Why Productions Use Product Placement, as well as these blogs:

    Brand managers typically have enough on their plate dealing with daily job requirements than having the time and resources to negotiate and activate a talk show activation and integration. The easiest way to lay the foundation and develop a successful integration is to engage a seasoned entertainment marketing expert with social media and PR experience to provide guidance and actual activation.

    Have you ever wondered how a comprehensive product placement program works? Or do you want to know how to create a promotional partnership strategy with a movie partner?  This video will answer all of your questions as it shows the steps and processes taken by Hollywood Branded that lead to your brand increasing both consumer engagement and sales!

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