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A New Spin On Product Placement

There are brands who have funded and helped launch movies... and then there are brands who have created fake movie trailers to help launch their brands.  These long form videos are typically housed on the brand's website and YouTube pages, and promoted through digital buys.  They can be broken down into teaser pieces and promoted through social media, and pitched as PR stories for media to pick up and carry on their own outlets.  It's actually pretty genius.

And the big win is that they allow the brand to have some fun and approach the consumer in a much more engaging content piece than a traditional ad.  And it's not an entirely new phenomena - musicians have used fake movie trailers to launch their own new releases in the past. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at two brands who have created TV ads that are in fact fake movie trailers for their new product launches. 

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Tourism Australia - Chris Hemsworth

Want to get people to talk about your country?  Bring back a film from the past that was a massive hit!  As part of the 'get attention but don't pay for a Super Bowl ad' stunt, Tourism Australia partnered with Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth to create two trailers for a supposed new "Crocodile Dundee" film. Side note, Chris Hemsworth is an ambassador for Tourism Australia.

Trailer #1



Trailer #2



Taco Bell Launches French Fries... With Josh Duhamel's Web of Fries

In January 2018, Taco Bell teamed up with Josh Duhamel to star in their :90 second trailer for "Web of Fries".  This fake movie trailer was actually an ad about the new launch of Taco Bell's nacho fries with cheese dipping sauce, with a plot line showing Duamel's investigation into the dark and murky world of why there have been no fries ever served at Taco Bell.  
When his movie daughter asks why there are no fries, the question sends Duhamel into uncovering the mystery as the plot line in this thriller movie. Exploring government cover-ups, and even scary clowns, the trailer spoof opens the door to a whole world of possibilities. 
Not only did the brand and their agency, Deutsch, create a really unique spot that truly is engaging (I mean, you would think it's a real movie!) but they also harnessed some serious star power in Josh Duhamel who sold it all perfectly as father who was going to save the day and unearth the conspiracy - while potentially risking his life.
According to Adweek, a 60-second version of the spot will air during the NFC Championship Game this weekend. Other cuts of the spot including 15, 30 and 90-second versions will air on television. The :90 will also run in cinemas.
Kinda makes you hungry, right?
Watch the :90 second trailer here: 


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Robert Graham And The Brand's 1970's Car Movie Trailer  

Back in March 2016 a four-minute trailer (I mean ad) for a fake movie was created by the duo behind 2001's Wet Hot American Summer, written by Michael Showalter and directed by David Wain.  The ad was for the fashion brand Robert Graham, in the style of a trailer for a fake 1970's car movie called The Second Sound Barrier

In order to bring the fake trailer to life, the filmmakers and brand cast real life celebrities to further seal the deal on the Hollywood play at realism. Juliette Lewis has a prominent role in the trailer, and we watch Jeremy Sisto, Peter Mensah and Vincent Kartheiser try to break "the second sound barrier" which is "a speed beyond the limits that mankind has already pushed beyond." 

Again, a win at creating engaging content that consumers could buy into.

Now, if you don't know the style of Robert Graham, I think this picture sums up perfectly why a 1970's car movie fits the brand oh-so-well.  It's totally perfect.

Robert Graham.jpg


Watch the 4 minute trailer here: 

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Using Celebrities To Sell Your Brand
These brand created fake movie trailers are just two (very good) examples of ways a brand has captured the power of their celebrity endorser to help bring more awareness and engagement to their product lines.  Ultimately in the hopes of leading to sales. 

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