Amazon Video Direct: The Future Of Branded Content?


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How Amazon's New Digital Video Platform May Change The Game

Amazon Video Direct is a completely new way for users to upload content to the web. It may sound similar to YouTube - but its target market seems to be completely different. With a huge audience and loyal customers, Amazon has always been a company to take risks with avante garde media innovations... and this may be their most interesting yet. If it proves successful, it could be a gold mine for brands looking to get involved in digital marketing and branded content. Especially on this ad-free SVOD network.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded examines how Amazon Video Direct may give rise to a new and innovative era of branded content.


What Is Amazon Video Direct?

This new platform is a place for Amazon users to upload content viewed and shared on the web. It is similar to YouTube in that way, yet has a very different process to upload that content.

In order to upload videos to the platform, the person must be an Amazon user, similar to YouTube. However it is much lenthier and more in-depth than that. Uploaders must provide credit card information, as well as personal identifying info such as social security ID. On top of that, all videos are required to be captioned and include full credits.


Because of these things, it seems as though Amazon is making who can upload to Video Direct a more exclusive group, such as budding filmmakers, animators, and of course brands who want to make interesting and shareable branded content.  And wanting to know WHO to recognize.

Who Is Getting Involved?

Brands are already beginning to get involved in the newly-debuted platform, including media companies like Conde Nast, Mashable and the Guardian.

Even brands like toy company Mattel are also getting involved, looking to create content that pushes sales of their various toy lines with interesting and exciting content.


No doubt, more and more brands will become involved as people begin to learn what Amazon Video Direct is and how it will affect digital content.

The Potential For Brand Marketers

Celebrity partnerships with brands through creative content has proven be a very effective way to reach consumers in a market that has turned its back to traditional advertising. A platform such as this is the perfect place for that content.

Like Jimmy Fallon's partnership with GE for Fallonventions, brands can be incorporated into content in a way that is interesting and useful - Amazon Video Direct may just be the perfect way to produce it. 

Another interesting way brands could get involved is by sponsoring young filmmakers and content producers on the platform. Amazon Video Direct certainly has the potential to catapult people to stardom in a way similar to YouTube - but in a more refined manner. Getting involved with a budding star early on could lead to a lucrative relationship down the line as well as the potential for tons of view.

Why The Nature Of The Platform Is Good For Brands

The hoops professional creators must go through to upload content to this new Amazon platform is almost a safety net for the quality of that content.

For a brand targeting an audience that would be offended by a crass slip-up by a YouTube star, marketers may find comfort in the added safety of this lengthy process.

Also, the content will be featured on Amazon to Amazon Video users which has a massive built-in audience as well as being sharable on social media. Partnerships with huge media companies that are already hopping on board could prove to be very positive for brands. 

Next Steps To Successful Product Placement and Branded Content

As new opportunities arise, it will be interesting to see (and explore!) new ways for brands to partner in ways that better engage consumers.  Our survey helps show that proof of higher engagement through brand partnerships on screen.

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