Audi Finds A Celebrity Endorsement In Spiderman Star Tom Holland


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How The Newest Marvel Cast Member Helps Sell High-Tech Cars

Tom Holland has just become a huge star. From his internet-famous fake feud with co-star Anthony Mackie who plays Falcon in the Marvel series to his widespread attention on talk show interviews, Holland is the perfect celebrity endorsement for people of all ages.

And his brand endorsement deals are just getting started.  As his fame continues to rise, so will his partnerships.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at Audi's new celebrity endorsement ad featuring Tom Holland.

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Spidey Senses Don't Make For A Good Driver

What makes the new Spiderman so likable is his boyish sense of irreverance. It's like Deadpool without so much of the violence and swearing (or the Ben and Jerry's)but with a full dose of teenage roguishness.

And that's exactly what he adds to this ad. In the spot, as Peter Parker, Holland must pass his driving exam. And if it were not for his "Stark prototype" he would not only fail, but most likely be in a serious accident.



The futuristic-seeming car is actually a new Audi, complete with accident prevention technology. And the content ties in directly with the theme and vibe of the movie. It makes for a funny ad for both Audi and the film.

Why Does Tom Holland Work So Well For Audi?

Tom Holland is the perfect celebrity endorser for our time. With his new but concrete Marvel film deals, he's a relatively fresh face in Hollywood that has a promising future. That, on top of his charm, makes him perfect for a deal with a big brand like Audi. 


The great thing about Holland, however, is that he is still new to Hollywood. Now is the perfect time for brands to get involved in up-and-coming artists, and this is a perfect example.

Could Your Brand Benefit From A Celebrity Endorsement?

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