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Do You Have A Favorite Beauty Guru? Your Consumers Do...  

We are in the age of viral videos and taking the perfect selfie, and millions of beauty videos are watched on YouTube every single day.  Viewers are absorbed in these makeup tutorials and are captivated with their favorite beauty vloggers.

Beauty brands (and other lifestyle brands) partner with these makeup gurus to boost their sales because they know all eyes are on these superstars. However, are brand sales really being impacted by these famous vloggers using their products? In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses why beauty influencers drive sales and increase brand awareness, offering a very specific niche influencer who can catapult brand sales. 

 Beauty Influencers Impact on Brand Sales

Makeup Tutorials on Fleek

Makeup tutorials have become one of the biggest trends today. I mean who doesn’t want to know how to contour and bake their face? (seriously)  Girls are infatuated with this movement and are willing to spend a bunch of money on beauty products that their favorite influencers are using.

One of the biggest influencers is Yuya, with about 21.4 million subscribers.   Other top beauty vloggers include:

  • Zoella (12.1 million subscribers),
  • Bethany Mota (10.5 mil),
  • Nikkie Tutorials (10 mil),
  • and Michelle Phan (9 mil).

C'mon that is A LOT of people!

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Creating Your Own Influencer Driven Brand Line

Another iconic expert is Patrick Starr who partnered with MAC Cosmetics to launch five makeup collections. Not only are these beauty vloggers collaborating with other brands, they are also creating their own makeup lines and having successful outcomes.

Desi Perkins teamed up with fellow YouTuber LustreLux to develop their own line called Desi X Katy collection with Dose of Color.

Also, Jeffree Star created his own brand that has been compared to Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics. To think all these beloved people started on the Internet proves anyone can create their own brand and really market themselves into success.

Why Are Beauty Influencers So Popular?

Makeup vloggers specifically, like to encourage their viewers to be happy with themselves and the way they look. The relationship between performer and audience is strong in the YouTube world and that connection influences the viewers to buy into their brand whatever it may be.  And major beauty vloggers have similar characteristics that make them so popular, including:

  • They are all very relatable, which makes the audience feel as if they know the YouTuber.
  • They are knowledgeable, helpful and articulate when explaining their tutorials.
  • Also, they have confidence, which they like to spread to their audience.

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What exactly is the target audience for Beauty Brands?

With millions of people are watching these videos every day, they are being influenced to use these products. Which means beauty brands want to get their products into these influeners hands  to make sure these YouTubers have their products front and center to attract their target audience, which are young women ages 16 to 24 years old.

Last year $45.5 billion dollars was spent on makeup globally and it is expected to rise by 6% this year. People spend the most on face products including foundations, concealers or highlighters, because it is what they see the most used in these viral videos.

And perhaps surprisingly... these sale increases have been impacted not only by girls, but they have also been affected by boys.

Thjames-charles-covergirl_750x500at’s right, beauty brands have come to the realization that makeup isn’t just for girls. There has been a major change in advertising especially when CoverGirl made influencer, James Charles the first male to be on the cover of their magazine.

Another male vlogger, Manny Gutierrez, became the first man to team up with Maybelline. Beauty brands are expanding their target audience, which is helping the impact of sales in a positive way.

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The Selfie Culture

In reality, we are living in the world of selfies and YouTube. The youth is obsessed with YouTube and they watch it more than television. Whether they are on their phones, iPads or laptops, their eyes are glued to the screen. If that doesn’t make a beauty brand hop on the bandwagon I don’t know what will.

If brands want to make an impact on tweens, teens or young adults they should consider working with influencers that attract these ages. YouTube does display advertisements before most videos, but if companies can get their products in the vloggers hands it will leave a longer impression and most likely help raise sales. 

So What's Next?

It does cost money to have the best of the best showcase your brands.

If budgets are tight, consider starting with more nano and micro influencers who may be very happy with free product and a lower fee.

Beauty influencers use and hold makeup products in their hands and even describe the products to their viewers, and because of this they have the best chance at having an impact on brand sales.

So beauty brands what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the ones who have the most power or should I say influence.

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