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The Skinny Confidential Brand Empire

She’s an entrepreneur, skin care guru, and branding queen! Lauryn Evarts Bosstick has built an empire for herself. As an influencer, she built an audience through blogging and turned it into a preventative skin tools line.

This now business owner, author, and entrepreneur made a name for herself and influenced her way to success, while staying true to her audience. In this blog, Hollywood Branded explores how influencer  Lauryn Bosstick developed The Skinny Confidential brand and the steps she took to build her successful community.

Alyssas Blog -- The Skinny Confidential


Lauryn’s Story

While in college, Lauryn started a blog, and the Skinny Confidential Community was born. She created her blog in the hopes of turning it into a brand that she would someday launch a product with. However, it all started with her blog. She would write about her experiences, recommendations, test out products, and more. She quickly turned the Skinny Confidential blog into a lifestyle brand by growing her audience on all social platforms. Her blog is a space for all men and women to come and engage in an intimate conversation with Lauryn. She created a dedicated and authentic community, sharing personal details about her life.

One ongoing story was when Lauryn underwent a double jaw-surgery. Her doctors advised her that she would swell for a couple weeks. Lauryn ended up being swollen for a couple of years and tried anything and everything to get the swelling down. She quickly discovered an ice roller and used it religiously. Although the ice roller out on the market had many complications, it still got the job done in helping her swelling go down. This hero product was Lauryn’s saving grace, but she also noticed the gap in the market with ice rollers. This gap would soon blossom into her business.

Skinny Confidential Book and Ice Roller

Photo Credit: The Skinny Confidential 

She Has A Voice

As Lauryn’s community grew, she decided to start a podcast with her husband Michael Bosstick. The podcast, The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast has taken off and has more than 400 episodes. Michael and Lauryn share wellness, business, beauty, and lifestyle tips through their witty banter and unfiltered guests. Since co-hosting their podcast, Michael is the CEO and co-founder of the Dear Media Podcast Network. The network has more than 40 podcasts on its roster with over 150 million downloads.

Lauryn is recently a published author to the Amazon bestseller, Get the F*ck Out of the Sun. In this book, Lauryn interviews influencers and celebrities about their skin care tips and regimens. Lauryn has also recently launched her own podcast series through Dear Media, called Get the F*ck Out of the Sun. Like the book, the podcast discusses trending skincare topics and gives advice on how to take care of your skin.

Skinny Confidential Podcast

Photo Credit: Dear Media 

A Branding Babe – The Skinny Confidential

While building out her personal brand and growing her podcasts, Lauryn did not forget about her ice roller and the gap she saw in the market for this skin tool. She took this gap as an opportunity to elevate the ice roller. It was a solution to the skincare issue of being bloated and puffy. She worked directly with her community on all her social platforms, to understand people’s beauty concerns. She finally ended up turning the Skinny Confidential into a product with launching the HOT MESS ice roller. The ice roller was branded to perfection, is very sturdy, stays cold for long periods of time, and is the perfect tool to drain and cool the face down.

When launching the product, she took a very strategic approach. Lauryn took her pre-existing Instagram page and deleted all the photos. She already had a following and created a huge buzz around the product that was coming. She had her community on the edge of their seats and ready to purchase any product she launched. Lauryn is now redefining the preventative beauty industry with her branded ice roller, face razor, and face oils, with teasers of more products to come.

Skinny Confidential Ice Roller

Photo Credit: The Skinny Confidential 

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All About A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Lauren is all about a mutually beneficial partnership. She collaborates with other brands, partners with skin-care influencers, and is always partnering with other successful individuals through her podcasting. Many of the guests on the Skinny Confidential podcast are doing partnership swaps with Lauryn. Her book, Get The F*ck Out of the Sun is in partnership with numerous celebrities and influencers. In her book, she writes about the beauty tips and insider from everyone she partnered with. Some of these figures include Kristin Cavallari, Stassi Schroeder, Sonya Dakar, Patrick Starrr, Heather McDonald, and many more. Before the launch of her own skin product line, the Skinny Confidential partnered with the skincare brand Elemis. Together they collaborated on a line of skin products with Skinny Confidential branding. This partnership helped pave the way for Lauryn in the beauty industry. After the launch of the Hot Mess ice roller, Lauryn partnered with the company Canopy to bring a limited-edition Canopy X TSC humidifier.

Along with collaborating with other brands, The Skinny Confidential is constantly partnering with influencers on social media campaigns. The brand targets lifestyle and beauty influencers such as Tinx, Alli Webb, Sivan Ayla, Emma Leger, and more!

Lauren Bosstick Canopy Humidifier

Photo Credit: The Skinny Confidential

How To Brand Your Way To The Top

As we can see, Lauryn Bosstick is a prime example of how to build a community, business, and brand. She built an authentic audience that is engaged, which allowed her to be successful in building her own product line. Her partnerships along the way helped her gain expertise in her category. Her exquisite branding made her products appealing and aesthetically pleasing. She started as an influencer, and is now an author, podcaster, business owner and entrepreneur.

Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller

Photo Credit: The Skinny Confidential

Take A Deeper Dive

Lauryn’s unique marketing tactics are what helped her in building her brand empire. She started as an influencer and influenced her way into building her own brand. Want to learn more about the power behind influencers? Check out these similar blogs below:

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