Hollywood Branded Talks Celebrity Marketing On France's Canal+ Le Tube


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France's CanalPlus' television series "The Tube" covers stories in the advertising and media community each Saturday.  The series sent a camera crew to interview Hollywood Branded's CEO Stacy Jones on celebrity social media marketing tactics for brands, which aired in October 2015 on the TV network.  In this blog, we are sharing our interview! 

 The Show:  Le Tube

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The Segment

You may wish to fast-forward to minute 4:15, where Hollywood Branded is interviewed at our Los Angeles office.

 Le celebrity marketing - Le Tube du 10/10

 Celebrities & Social Media

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Are you interested in learning how to successfully partner celebrities with your brand - without spending a million?  

Watch this short webinar to learn Hollywood insider tricks to create and kick-start an entertainment marketing campaign that is the perfect extension for your social media program.

Celebrity Social Media Webinar by Hollywood Branded