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Celebrity Photographer Brings Creativity To New Diesel Ad

Brands are seizing hold of a growing trend - using highly notorious and famous celebrity directors and photographers to produce creative ads.  In the latest of celebrity director helmed ad spots, Diesel taps star photographer David LaChappelle to direct their latest ad entitled "Make Love Not Walls."

The spot plays off of political rhetoric and current events, and the ad makes a political statement against the decisive and very hot topic of building walls, through the creativity and art direction of LaChappelle. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at how brands are using celebrity directors to produce ads and the strategic partnership between David LaChappelle and Diesel.

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"Make Love Not War"

Many brands are looking to the political climate to formulate their marketing strategies, feeding off the empathy and ethos of the people affected by it in order to market to them. 

Tecate brought down walls in their beer wall ad and Johnnie Walker appealed to the importance of immigrants in their "This Land" ad. and Coke revived their older ad "America Is Beautiful" using immigrants of all backgrounds and languages.  Check out more on these ads in our blog post, "Brand Marketers Use Political Issues To Appeal To Hispanics."

But as a new political era changes the world even more than we expected, more brands have tried to harness these emotions into a symbol of unity and progress.


Diesel's new ad is a perfect example. Evoking memories of the hippie-era of the 1960s and set to Alex Vargas's "Higher Love", the ad shows people on other sides of a wall, throwing flowers to each other.

They breach and eventually break down the wall, and we see celebration in the form of rainbow tanks, a colorful gay wedding, and celebrations galore.

Check out the ad:

How The Ad Works For The Brand - And The Time

Diesel is no stranger to edgy ads or political messages. In a 1995 ad, Diesel became the first brand to feature a same-sex kiss in their "Kissing Sailors" ad. 

For a brand who knows what its audience wants, becoming the latest in a slew of ads seemingly condemning the idea of President Trump's wall works perfectly for their audience.


Along with the ad, the brand plans on taking the rainbow inflatable tank on tour around the world, stopping in cities like Milan, Berlin, London, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo to create an outdoor activation to market the brand and continue the campaign - on a topic that has universal appeal currently.

The ad and the campaign are a brilliant way to reach the kind of audience Diesel is looking to market to.

Could Your Brand Benfit From A Celebrity Strategic Partnership?

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