Bumble & Tik Tok: A Match Made in Heaven


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Advertising = Dating

Advertising and Dating are one and the same. You have to be able to get your future date or audience's attention, you have to have something in common, and, most importantly, you have to make them feel some form of joy. In an age where ad awareness has increased tremendously due to a pandemic forcing us to rely on our technology to stay occupied, advertisers are under pressure to create more innovate ways to keep their audience engaged, very similarly to people creating their dating profiles.

How do you stand out in a sea full of branding? Bumble cracked the code! Bumble partnered with Tik Tok and created ads that consumers could relate to and actually interact with by partnering with fan-favorite influencers and running direct response ads. In this blog, Hollywood Branded dives into the successful relationship between Bumble and Tik Tok and how thinking outside of the box always works in advertising, and even dating!

Bumble & Tik Tok_A Match Made in Heaven


Playing Hard to Get

According to Neilson, the percentage of media consumption by users in America has gone up by 215% from March 2019 vs March 2020. At first glance, this seems like the perfect recipe for an advertiser to attract more consumers than ever before. But, because of this dramatic and obvious increase of advertisements on social media, users are much more likely to skip and not engage. To put it bluntly, they know that they are being sold to. Daniel Hövermann perfectly states “If you are not paying for the product, then you are the product”. Survey Monkey performed a survey with over 1,200 across the US and found that 3 out of every 4 users think there are too many ads and that 63% of users say they only see a few things advertised over and over again. So, how do you create an ad that is an experience that the user is knowingly deciding to engage with? One of Don Draper’s most famous lines in Mad Men is “Advertising is based on one thing: Happiness”. At this moment in time, I think we can all agree that the one thing that universally makes us happy is something that we can relate to or at least something we want to be able to relate to. Oh, and something that can make us laugh, of course! 

Tik Tik Logo

Source: Geneva Business News

Undeniably Addictive 

Tik Tok has become one of the most addictive apps in the world and it is all because of the app's perfectly generated FYP (for you page). The FYP is the main Tik Tok “newsfeed” that is basically an algorithm specifically curated for each individual user.

Tik Tok Stats

Source: Yahoo Finance

The assumption is that Tik Tok curates this feed based on how each user interacts with the app’s videos. Being a successful influencer will definitely give you some clout on the app, but truly anyone can go viral. Being a successful influencer on Tik Tok is not about how perfect you are. If anything, it is about how imperfect and therefore “relatable” you are. It all depends on how well your content can naturally fit into someone else’s algorithm.

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Love at First Sight 

Bumble took advantage of this by rolling out tons of ads on the app along with partnering with some of the most popular Tik Tok influencers they could find, including Brittany Broski and David Dobrik. According to a case study performed by Mobile Marketer, Bumble increased app installs by 5 times and decreased cost-per-registration by 64%. If you search all things #bumble on Tik Tok they’ve garnered hundreds of millions of views. These videos consist of fun challenges about conversation starters on the app, funny bumble match stories, footage from first time bumble dates, and relationships that have blossomed because of the app. The best way for a dating app to market itself to users is to show the unfiltered truth of online dating and how sometimes beautiful relationships can unfold when you least expect it. Bumble has chosen to acknowledge not only the opportunity of finding your future partner on the app, but to also showcase the funny, joyous, and sometimes interesting experiences of online dating. This balance of happiness and honesty will naturally created brand engagement and loyalty.

The Perfect Pair: Dobrik and Broski

Partnering with influencers like David Dobrik and Brittany Broski perfectly aids Bumble in creating an advertising environment that is welcoming as well as refreshing. David Dobrik is a highly adored influencer known for being charmingly goofy and having his equally as goofy friends tag along to add to the fun.

David Dobrik

The Verge wrote about David’s youtube channel, "Think of it like Friends, but for vloggers. Essentially, Dobrik created the first sitcom-vlog”. No matter who you are or where you come from, Dobrik’s content makes you feel like you're part of his friend group. Dobrik's videos have this inviting essence that pulls his audience in to join along. Aside from this captivating energy that Dobrik brings to the table, he also has over 1 Billion likes on his Tik Tok profile. Not to mention the billions of impressions across his Instagram and Youtube channel.

David Dobrik Tik Tok Bumble

In Dobrik's Bumble-sponsored Tik Tok video, he stuck with the engaging themes of relatability and comedy. Urging fans to come find him on Bumble, he posted a stream of his profile pictures from the app. The pictures he chose were delightfully quirky and, honestly, a fantastic show of his personality. The video not only makes viewers curious to join Bumble because they now have a chance of matching with him, but it also exhibits the valid case that showing your personality on the app could easily stir up up more conversations. 

Brittany Broski Kombucha Girl

Source: The Odyssey 

Then, there is Brittany Broski. Brittany Broski is one of the reasons Tik Tok started to gain popularity among millennials and the older Gen Zers. She posted a simple video of her tasting kombucha while making funny faces and it went viral. The video now has 15 Million views and has been reposted countless times by meme pages all over social media. Her fan base continues to grow rapidly even though she has only been an "influencer" for a little over a year. Even though Broski is classified as an influencer, her comedy is truly a form of art and makes you feel like you're watching a classic SNL episode. From her southern mother impression to her rendition of a British Cockney accent, Broski is a natural. In her interview with Time Magazine, Broski seriously noted that "she only posts content she knows her viewers will enjoy". This is why I was completely completely shocked when I saw a sponsored Bumble post pop up on her page! Yet, she did not disappoint. The caliber of comedy in the ad was just as entertaining as the rest. 

Brittany Broski Bumble Tik Tok

In her bumble sponsored post, Broski reveals "Um... so you know how I said I want a man from New England to yell at me and tell me I'm pretty?" and then continues to tell her followers that she just discovered that Bumble allows you to change your location. We see her type and send ridiculous questions to men in New York and Nashville while hilariously describing the interaction in a voice over.  

That obvious and daunting separation between the influencer and user is non existent with these two. Picking personalities like Broski and Dobrik to partner with Bumble makes users feel part of a safe and welcoming community that they has promising results. 

Seal the Deal

With media consumption continuing to increase, it is absolutely vital that brands create new ways to stay relevant. The competition among advertisers has never been greater. Evolving with and understanding this new wave of social media is key to creating partnerships and ads that will keep users engaged. Just like online dating, it takes a stand out message to capture the attention of your audience and seal the deal.

If you are interested in other innovative and stand-out ways to advertise your brand for ultimate engagement, check out our additional blogs and E-Book about influencer marketing and product placement!

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