Celeb Endorsement Ads: Mobile Strike, Nespresso, Smirnoff, Foot Locker


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With the help of stars, brands can catapult to success, revive their image, or simply appeal to a crowd they couldn't have originally reached. Some of the best endorsements play on a celebrity's brand itself, taking advantage of the way the celebrity is viewed publicly. These celebrity endorsement ads do just that.

Hollywood Branded looks at celebrity endorsement ads that use the celebrity's well-known image to capitalize on their marketing power - and do a great job of it.



Arnold Schwarzenegger For Mobile Strike App 

"No matter where. No matter when. I will defend my troops."

As Arnold Schwarzenegger prepares for his latest movie role, he plays Mobile Strike on his phone, and the game comes to life around him. Miniature militants prepare for strikes, gather supplies, drive tanks, and parachute around their feet as they practice lines, get costume measurements, and make preparations for their role. In the end, he lets us know that the game is available for free on the app store in his iconic thick accent. Schwarzenegger is the perfect actor for this spot, as he has a very commanding screen presence and mannerisms.

George Clooney And Danny DeVito For Nespresso

The king of cool, George Clooney, takes Danny DeVito under his wing in this spot for Nespresso. As Clooney suavely waits for his Nespresso to finish pouring, a less-than-smooth Danny DeVito looks on from the regular coffee line holding a pot of rather old-looking joe. A few minutes later he walks up to Clooney, who is sipping his Nespresso luxuriously, and exclaims, "I want in." What proceeds is a montage of Clooney teaching DeVito how to be a smooth operator, including a new suit, dance lessons, and a wine tasting. In the end, they are the talk of the town.

 TJ Miller And Thomas Middleditch For Smirnoff 

In a new campaign from Smirnoff, Silicon Valley stars TJ Miller and Thomas Middleditch take a road trip from LA to New York City, stopping to party along the way, always an arm's length away from Smirnoff. In this particular spot, the two friends have stopped at a farm-to-table restaurant and are disputing the history of the Moscow Mule. The waiter corrects them, however, letting them know that the original Moscow Mule was made with Smirnoff in Los Angeles.

Russell Westbrook For Foot Locker

Guest Stars: Jalen Rose, Dr. Sajay Gupta, Dr. Phil, John Brenkus from Sports Science, and Melissa Rivers

This spot for Foot Locker is star-studded, to say the least. It features Russell Westbrook talking to a young fan about his plans to become a basketball player just like him. Immediately, experts from all over the place give him the statistical reasons why he won't be able to play like Westbrook. However, at the end of the spot, the talented basketball player tells the young athlete "Don't listen to them, kid, just be yourself." 

Celebrities Are Not Out Of Your Reach

Many brands dismiss the idea of partnering with a celebrity, thinking the opportunity is an unattainable or out-of-budget goal. However, your brand can partner with celebrities more easily than you think. See some more examples in our other celebrity endorsement blogs.

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