Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Holiday 2016 Edition


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How Brands Use Stars To Market During The Holidays

The holidays are the prime season for brand marketers to reach consumers who do most of their shopping this time of year. Holiday ads are important because they must stand out from the crowd to catch viewers' attention in an extremely cluttered environment.

A perfect way to do this is by adding a celebrity to the campaign. Celebs celebrate the holidays just like everyone else and this time of year is perfect for making them relatable in funny or heartwarming ads. And the holiday 2016 ads are a perfect example of this.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at celebrity endorsement ads from the 2016 holiday season, including ads from Apple, Old Navy and Heineken.

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Apple - Brad Garrett

Lovable giant and long-time star on Everybody Loves Raymond, Brad Garrett makes the perfect Frankenstein in this heartwarming and wildly popular ad from Apple. 

The ad begins in Frankie's workshop as he makes preparations for the holidays, recording and practicing Christmas carols with the help of his iPhone 7, getting his holiday outfit together and checking his mail for a package he's been waiting on.

Garrett, as Frankie, makes his way to the town square to the gasps and stares of the townsfolk. He is a ghastly sight indeed, yet we learn that all he wants to do is sing Christmas carols as he begins to sing timidly. He screws in two Christmas lights onto the bolts in his neck.


As whispers and mean looks make their way to Frankie, he falters in his singing - it may have been a failed attempt at Christmas cheer for him after all. But one little girl comes to the rescue as she joins him in song and fixes a light on his neck.

Not too long kater, the whole town center is singing too. The tag line "Open Your Heart To Everyone" appears on the screen as we see the whole town around the Christmas tree in Suess-esque song.

Brad Garrett makes the perfect Frankenstein and brings a heartwarming sweetness to the classic character for this brilliant holiday ad.

Yeah, we choked up a little, and you will too. Check it out:

Heineken - Benicio Del Toro

Heineken has been family owned since 1873, Del Toro explains in a new ad from the beer company, which means they know a thing or two about family traditions. And Benicio's favorite part of the holiday tradition is gift giving.

The tradition of swapping gifts gives him the chance to "showcase my range as an actor". Ugly sweater? He loves it! Baking mixer? He loves it! And the case of Heineken? Well of course he loves it. After all, he bought it himself.

This new ad is the latest in their #morebehindthestar campaign that alludes to both the star on the Heineken bottle and the fame of Benicio Del Toro.

Old Navy - Amy Schumer

Comedy's 2016 It Girl stars in this funny ad from Old Navy. Schumer is doing some last minute shopping when she runs into an ex. Obviously, her feelings for him haven't completely gone away as she hugs him, only to find out he now has a wife and kids.

Remarking on how "impeccably dressed" and beautiful the family is, perhaps with a hint of snark, the new wife tells her all of their clothes are in fact from Old Navy and that the entire store is up to 60% off right now for the holidays.

In her awkward style, Schumer attempts to flirt with her ex while leaving to go to Old Navy. "Get outta here," her ex jokes, will all too much sincerity. 

Schumer kills it in the uncomfortable situation we can all relate to for this ad. Check it out:

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