Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Beats, LG and Nike


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Relatability Is Key In Recent Celebrity Endorsements

We know celebrities aren't like us - after all, that's why they're celebrities! But every so often in a great ad, they can relate to us in a way that makes us want to run out and buy whatever they're endorsing.

From heartwarming to hilarious, seeing that celebrities are, after all real people like us engages us in the ad and entertains viewers. In this blog, Hollywood Branded recaps the latest celebrity endorsement ads including DJ Khaled, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lebron James.

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Beats - A Ton Of Celebrities

Beats is no stranger to the power of celebrity endorsements. Created by Dr. Dre, a super star himself, commercials for the headphone company have included celebs like Serena Williams, Lebron James and rapper 2 Chainz.

But this one... this one takes the jackpot. It might even set the record for most celebrities in a single commercial.

Can you name all the celebs in this spot?

We can! (Okay, we're pretty sure we got everyone...)

DJ Khaled, Karlie Kloss, Travis Scott, Amber Rose, Rebel Wilson, Nicki Minaj, Ben Simmons, Steve Buscemi, William Chan, Young M.A., Sayo, Juno Temple, Pharrell, Michael Phelps, PartyNextDoor, Karen Civil, Liza Koshy, and Al Rocco.

Oh, and of course, Pinocchio. And he's not the first cartoon to endorse a product! Check out other iconic characters used in celebrity endorsements in our blog post here.

Comment if we missed anyone!

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LG - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Did you know JGL could drum? Neither did we, but he certainly can as he shows off in his latest spot from LG.

But he's not the only talented one... the actor takes to the streets to capture everyday people with extraordinary instrumental talents. All of their songs come together to form a medley, reinforcing the campaign's tagline: "Everyday, Spectacular."

The campaign focuses on community collaborations and contributions that together will create a piece of art using LG phones that "captures those unmissable, spectacular moments that happen every day."

Yep, the whole thing was recorded on an LG V20.

Check it out:


Nike - Lebron James

Lebron James just may be the modern Michael Jordan, not just on the court, but as far as celebrity endorsement power goes too.

In this new spot from Nike, we follow a bunch of kids who "aren't supposed to be here."

Armed in Nikes and wearing James's iconic #23 on their shirts, kids from all walks of life play basketball. And none of them are supposed to be there.

The girl on the court with the boys, the kid from a small town buying a plane ticket, the only black student walking down the hallway of a prep school, and the small fry knocking away the basketball from a towering opponent all "aren't even supposed to be here."

"And yet," James says, walking onto the court, "you are."

Celebrities Have Serious Power Over Consumers

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