Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Gatorade, Allstate and DirecTV


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Keep Up With The Latest Celebrity Endorsement Ads

As it has been proven time and time again, our favorite celebrities have the power to sway our opinion of a brand and whether or not we want to use it. Whether it is inspiring sports stars, funny millennial comedians or rock and roll legends, these ads use star power to get their audience's attention.

In this edition of our Celebrity Endorsement Ads blog, Hollywood Branded takes a look at how Jon Bon Jovi, Adam Devine, Serena Williams, Usain Bolt and more work with brands on recent TV spots.


Gatorade - Serena Williams, Usain Bolt, April Moss and Paul George

The most recent celeb spot released by Gatorade certainly has a ton of heart. The spot opens with a younger version of Serena Williams urging her to get up, that it is "time to play." We then see April Moss, Paul George and Usain Bolt all preparing to train with their younger selves urging them on. 

At the end of the spot, as each sports star enters their arena, they reflect. Bolt turns towards the camera and strikes his signature pose with his younger self who then fades away. The text appears, "The Best Never Lose That Love."

All as Jimmy Durante's "Young At Heart" plays in the background. Check it out:

Allstate - Adam Devine Targets Millennials In Spots Opposite 'Mayhem' Ads

Allstate's 'Mayhem' ads have done a pretty good job of catching the attention of their viewers by scaring consumers with what could happen out of the blue - and why insurance protects them from that unexpected Mayhem.

But in their new spots, it seems as if Allstate is going after a younger demographic with millennial funnyman Adam Devine front and center. In this spot, instead of scaring consumers into insurance, they paint the life of luxury with perks insurance-holders get.

With Devine being thoroughly pampered at a spa, he lists off all the members-only pros of having Allstate insurance. Check out the spot below:

DirecTV - Jon Bon Jovi Turns Back Time

In the flurry of millennial marketing, brands like DirecTV have not forsaken their Baby-Boomer and Gen X demographic as is apparent with this new spot featuring 80s rock sensation Jon Bon Jovi.

The commercial opens with a couple sitting down to watch their favorite show... only to find they've forgotten to record it. But have no fear, Bon Jovi appears to tell them with DirecTV they indeed can "turn back time."

And with a catchy song, Bon Jovi explains that not only can they start the episode from the beginning, but they can go back and "choose spicy instead of mild and maybe reconsider having that second child" as the kid is literally coloring all over the white-painted wall.

Check out the spot here:

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