Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Hefty, T-Mobile and DirecTV


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Big Brands Use Big Celebrity Personalities To Tout Brand Image

Brands that have been around for years often look to big celebrities to add a little boost to their image. While the Peyton brothers have been DirecTV spokesmen for years, Peyton's retirement has offered a unique opportunity for funny TV spots. And Hefty and T-Mobile turn to celebrities they've never used before to make audiences laugh.

Hollywood Branded looks at some of the latest celebrity endorsement ads including John Cena, Nicki Minaj and Peyton Manning.


John Cena - The New Face Of Hefty (With A Little Help From Rob Schneider)

In a new series of ads from Hefty, John Cena represents the embodiment of "Hefty." Whenever someone picks up Hefty brand bags they instantly turn into the WWE Wrestler and internet sensation. 

In another spot, John Cena walks up to the Hefty brand and is greeted with the iconic "Hefty! Hefty! Hefty!" jingle as does an elderly woman behind him. Yet when Rob Schneider picks up the bargain brand he is greeted with the classic "Wimpy! Wimpy! Wimpy!"

Check it out:

Nicki Minaj - T Mobile

Nicki Minaj isn't happy when her man has to decide between streaming videos of her and using Snapchat. When he explains that because Verizon limits his data, he has to choose between the two. Minaj replies, "Come on girl, let's get us a man with unlimited data" as she and the Snapchat icon walk away.

Minaj's spot it the latest in a series of ads slamming Verizon yet is by far the most engaging. Check it out:


DirecTV - Peyton On Sunday Mornings 

Now that football superstar Peyton Manning is retired, he is left to spend his Sunday mornings however he pleases - in his robe and slippers.

In this series of spots introduced by Lionel Richie, we see Peyton at the grocery store, sitting in the park and lounging on his couch... all the while watching NFL live on any device.

In this particular spot, Peyton calls up his brother and NY Giants Quarterback Eli Manning and asks if he wants to come watch NFL Sunday Ticket. Unfortunately, Eli has to play so Peyton pencils him in for Tuesday.

Check it out:

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