Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Pepsi, Chase and Kit Kat


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We Love When Celebs Don't Take Themselves Too Seriously

Celebrity endorsements that are powerful, elegant or intense certainly grab the viewers' attention. However, sometimes the best ads are the ones that make us laugh, especially at our favorite celebrities.

This week's edition of celebrity endorsement ads goes to show you that simple, funny ads often take the cake.   In this blog, Hollywood Branded recaps funny celebrity endorsement ads including Odell Beckham Jr., Ellie Kemper and Chance the Rapper.


Pepsi - Odell Beckham

This spot starts with a peaceful game of chess at the park - that ends with a powerful winning move for a Giants fan named Rico. As he takes in his victory he reflects that this must be how Odell Beckham feels when he scores a game-winning touchdown. 

Cut to Odell actually scoring a game-winning touchdown. He then, in turn, reflects that "This must be how Rico felt when he triple-jumped Mr. Sanchez."

Check it out:

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Chase - Ellie Kemper Is Not Oblivious

In this ad from Chase, the adorable and lovable Ellie Kemper (aka Kimmy Schmidt) explains how you can get cashback on everything those billboards and sponsored ads are selling.

She then turns on her TV only to see herself selling something. At the end, as she watches her own ad, she turns back towards the camera and remarks, "Ugh, celebrity endorsements are the worst," with a wink and a smile.

Of course, we here at Hollywood Branded especially liked this one. Check it out:

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Kit Kat - Chance the "Wrapper"

Chance the Rapper, dressed in a goofy Halloween costume, notices himself singing. Sure enough, there he is on the wrapper of a Kit Kat bar singing the iconic jingle. 

Hey, it may be a cheesy pun but we've gotta say it definitely made us laugh.

Check it out:

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