Larger-Than-Life Celebrity Endorsements: Apple, Guitar Hero, Bank Of America


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Brands and ad agencies know very well that their consumer will recognize a celebrity using their product - why else would they have chosen that celebrity to be a part of their ad campaign? But what seems to be rising as a new trend in celebrity ad endorsements is putting celebrities with larger-than-life personalities in a down-to-earth situation, but never letting the audience forget exactly why these celebrities are so famous.

This week, we take a look at some of the best recent celebrity endorsements and why playing off of a celebrity’s self-built personality may be better than any character they could play.



Hollywood Branded Celebrity Endorsements


James Franco And Lenny Kravitz For Guitar Hero

In this spot, Franco and Kravitz are having a friendly game of guitar hero in the living room- and Kravitz isn’t doing so hot, despite his reputation as a world-renowned musician. Franco decides to show him how it’s done and a great scene ensues. The idea of these two huge names sitting in a living room playing Guitar Hero and really getting into it is unbelievably appealing.



Billy Idol For Bank Of America

This spot features the rocker sitting across from a group of Bank of America representatives as they listen to his song “Rebel Yell” as the lyrics “more, more, more” play, telling him that now qualified Bank of America members can get “more, more, more, more, more, more, more” from their bank. A confused Billy Idol just stares at them and shakes his head. This idea of the American rock and roll icon sitting in a Bank of America conference room is so awkward that it’s funny - and certainly makes the viewer remember that members of BOA are getting “more, more, more.”




Lake Bell For Apple Watch

This spot is simple - Lake Bell is on a date with her husband. Once she receives a message from their babysitter that their baby is asleep safe and sound, Bell is free to continue dancing and having a good night on her date night. Her dancing is awkward and strange, and her worry for her son at home with a babysitter is relatabl e- but we never forget that it’s Lake Bell endorsing the Apple Watch.




Jamie Foxx For iPhone 6s

This spot’s purpose is to explain the usefulness and functionality of the new 3D touch component that will be a part of the iPhone 6s. Jamie Foxx makes a cameo as the viewer peeks in on him at home - listening to his own song. The voice-over asks him, “Wait, are you listening to your own song?” Foxx looks up at the camera and plays it off and pretends he is on the phone with someone. Something about Jamie Foxx jamming out at his house to his own music and getting caught by us as a TV audience feels goofy and down-to-earth.



What Makes These Ads Work?

These ads make celebrities relatable and funny - without letting us forget who they are. They may be doing "regular people" things, but they certainly aren't just regular people and because of this, their support for these products is valuable- they drive consumer purchase intent.

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