Covid-19 Marketing: Leveraging Product Placement And Brand Integration


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How Brands Are Implementing Integration During The Pandemic

The entertainment industry as we know it was turned completely upside-down due to Covid-19. Filming for TV shows and movies was halted, movie theaters closed, and concert tours canceled.  Many brands stopped advertising all together, and other brand marketers tried to figure out how to create marketing content not only that wasn't insensitive, but also without the ability to have a production crew shoot.

This unforeseen pandemic has forced brands to reevaluate their marketing strategies in new and exciting ways in hopes of keeping consumers’ attention. And one true and tried way has worked astonishingly well for the brands who have leveraged product placement in talk shows, or last minute remote filming reality series.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares the agency's best blogs about how brands are leveraging product placement and brand integration in the time of COVID!

Best Of_ COVID-19 and Brand Integration

Coronavirus TV Viewing Impact Shows The Power Of Product Placement For Brands 

When I launched Hollywood Branded 13 years ago, within the first quarter we were faced with a massive challenge: no productions shooting content.  All thanks to the Writers Guild of America strike where TV and film just stopped - overnight.  And it lasted for 4 very long agonizing months. Fully staffed and not wanting to admit defeat as a new business (or layoff my new team) I kept us moving - having conversations about our clients within the industry, doing research to determine the best upcoming partnerships when the strike was over, and cementing deals that would move forward as soon as productions were back. And developing new revenue streams.

Not a great way to launch your agency, but we weathered the storm. Now again, the coronavirus COVID-19 has not only caused businesses to temporarily shut down or have their teams work remotely, it has also halted production shoots from occurring around the globe. Hundreds of productions have stopped shooting. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel - TV and film content will be back with a vengeance, offering brands the ability to become embedded in their content. That very content that has become favored by countless millions as they passed time watching their TVs for weeks on end.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses the newfound marketing opportunity and strength of product placement partnerships this year to new very tuned-in and engaged audiences due to global quarantines.

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Coronavirus impact shows the power of product placement for brands

how your product placement program works

Marketing Your Brand In The New Landscape Of COVID-19 

The world may seem like it is coming to an end as city after city enters safe-at-home requirements and all but essential businesses are shut down.  But one day even this time of uncertainty shall pass in the not too far from now future.  And to prepare for that, brand marketers need to determine how to keep their advertising ticking along.

The strategies of the weeks before the virus came to impact our lives are very different strategies than what are now needed to keep businesses in business not only now, but standing when all of this ends.  And figuring it all out will be a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows with new opportunities just waiting to be found.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares insights into how to adjust your strategy and market your brand in the new landscape of COVID-19.

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Marketing your brand in the new landscape of COVID-19

Auto Brands Pump Brakes But Don't Stop Advertising During COVID-19

One of the top questions on the minds of many marketers: How do we pivot?  Is it insensitive for companies to advertise right now when so many potential customers have been negatively impacted by the rapid spread of this Coronavirus and the effect it has had on the economy? 

How to advertise in such a sensitive time is a major issue for almost every brand category.  And one of the biggest industries in the United States has stepped up in figuring it out.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at how auto brands have crafted commercials with messaging that continues to promote their brands  while not appearing insensitive to the crisis going on around them.

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Auto Brands Pump Brakes But Don't Stop Advertising

Case Study: Covid-19 Cause Marketing By Brands 

To say this is a strange time to be alive is certainly an understatement. Overnight, we went from a world of being a little more careful and not shaking hands to governments around the world issuing stay-at-home orders and requirements to wear masks in public if you must leave. This sudden change has left people with unease, fear, questions and a sense of loneliness.

How then do brand marketers continue to amplify messaging in a way that both resonates with the times but also doesn't feel like pandering? Enter a topic we've covered many times before: cause marketing. In this blog post, Hollywood Branded explores case studies of how major brand marketers like Frito-Lay and Dove have been responding to the COVID-19 through cause marketing.

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COVID-19 cause marketing

What's Next For Brands During COVID?

The pandemic isn't exactly showing signs of slowing down anytime soon, so many brands are trying to figure out how to change their marketing tactics to reflect the times. Read below to learn even more about how brands are reacting to the COVID-19 crisis! 

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