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New Celebrity Ads

This week we take a look at recent celebrity–spotted advertising campaigns which include: Jack in the Box and Kevin Federline, Beats’ new Powerbeats2 with quarterback Marcus Mariota, and Geico’s family-friendly insurance spot with Dora the Explorer. 


Week In Review




Jack in the Box and Kevin Federline

The Jack in the Box spot features Kevin Federline as an ice sculpture (yes, he STILL gets an endorsement fee for that!) along with a bizarre party scene featuring a merman in a swimming pool followed by a grilled cheese stacked on a burger.  Why? Because things get weird at night says Jack, as he is turned into a giant pink rabbit.




Beats’ Powerbeats2 Ohana with Marcus Mariota

Tennessee Titans NFL Draft’s quarterback Marcus Mariota shares a victorious moment with his family in a new spot for Beats' new Powerbeats2.  The quarterback decided to stay home with his family while waiting to hear the draft pick results, and the spot capitalizes on his family support and backing.






Adidas and (surprise!) a Variety of Athletes

See Joakim Noah, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Damian Lillard star in the spot series titled Here’s To The Haters, which has become a comprehensive campaign led by Carat USA along with similar campaign extensions by Iris in the UK.  From the fashion runway to the World Cup, the NBA court or even the Olympic bobsleigh ice tracks, these athletes believe the best comes to those who take and make success happen.




Geico and Licensed Dora the Explorer

In this extremely family friendly spot, Geico’s newest spot Dora the Explorer joins the trek of men who have fought extreme temperatures and starvation while trekking over 850 miles to plant their flag in the snow.  Dora the Explorer then bounces up to meet them along with Boots, to welcome them to the South Pole with her trade marked “You did it!” congratulations.  Campaign led by The Martin Agency.





What Do You Think?

Sometimes brands don't quite master how to use celebrities in a (throat clearing) legal way and this blog is a great reminder of some guidelines to be aware of /celebrity-endorsement-deals-gone-wrong-when-brands-cross-the-line

We'd like to hear which of these celebrity endorsement ad examples is YOUR favorite - and if you think the brand used the right celebrity.  Let us know!


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