Entertainment Marketing Is A Long Game Not A Short Game


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Millennials Aren’t The Only Ones Who Want Instant Gratification

Everyone likes to say that millennials are the instant gratification demographic, but in truth, it’s a statement that now applies to everyone.  With the advent of the internet, our world has changed.  At a click we have instant satisfaction – whether that be researching a need to know, purchasing a have to have, or watching a favored TV program on demand.

And as an agency who works with brands to partner their products with entertainment content and celebrity influencers, we’ve seen a major change over the last decade in how clients approach these partnerships.  They too, want INSTANT gratification.  In this blog Hollywood Branded discusses why entertainment marketing is a long game versus a short game, and the benefits of just having a little patience.


I Want My Brand On Screen…Tomorrow

The entertainment world just doesn’t work that way – it’s more so:

  • a slow relationship build (hello want to put our brand in your show we’ll teach you about it)
  • to a hurry up (they shoot it tomorrow! Drive over there now now now!!)
  • and wait (they haven’t finished shooting)…
  • and wait (they are in post production, still need final edit)…
  • and wait (it’s scheduled for release when?!?)…

type of process that brands often have a hard time having the patience to wait for. 

The Hours It Takes To Create A Win

Organic and naturally appearing Product Placement is an absolutely PHENOMENAL way for a brand to establish a presence within entertainment content and gain the allure of the star studded vehicle.  But the ability for a brand to become part of the content isn’t an overnight – or programmatic – activation. 

Brands that appear in TV shows and feature films typically either have a product placement agency or an in-house brand division that literally works Hollywood on a daily basis.  This means creating relationships that make the brand become top of mind with the decision makers on the production set.  Reading dozens upon dozens of scripts looking for possible opportunities – and then alerting the production to that fact.  Showing up in person to discuss, demo and provide samples of the product. 

Hundreds of hours are put into creating these ‘organic and naturally appearing’ product placements.

Those Shining Moments Of Success

It’s kind of exhausting actually.  But we live it and love it.  And it’s repeated over and over and over and over for every single placement that appears on screen.  The first step is getting the brand in the door.  Yet so many things can go wrong along the way.  To get that final on screen shining moment means having the producer, director, prop master/set decorator/stylist/transportation point, AND celebrity all be happy with the brand and how it is going to be placed.  That’s a lot of check marks.  And add in the TV network if it’s distributed on a major broadcaster like ABC, CBS, CW, FOX or NBC.  Or their cable offshoots.

In fact, in writing what we’ve written above, it sounds almost impossible.   

It’s Worth The Wait

But it’s not, and “organic and naturally occurring” placements in shows happen literally every single day through this exact methodology all over Hollywood.  We aren’t even talking about the fee-based deals that involve massive contracts and ironed out deal points.  We are talking about the relationship driven, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine, trade and loan landscape of product placement.

The end result?  Exhilarating and exciting.    Happy clients.  And very happy brand agents at our agency on something they spend 100% of their time on, and only have a 20% +/- chance of their work coming to  life on the screen. 

And a major accomplishment that all the forces came together to make it happen successfully.

Best yet, that entertainment content – and branded moment - will live for years to come, re-aired across the globe for years and years.  We still see our shining moments from days past of Seinfeld on TV every single night in syndication. 

For Those Not Willing To Wait

We are seeing many brands shy away from the practice, wanting an instant big win that reflects on their quarterly sales RIGHT NOW, versus down the road.  And not having the patience to wait for the big wins that come along the way. And when those big wins happen – boy, let us tell you… they are BIG WINS.  And the small ones that are scattered on the pathway to those big wins just add to the brand’s public perception and help build that star-studded allure.

Over the years we’ve adapted how we work with brands so that we can help them (or their bosses) with their instant gratification success story. 

We look for those ‘instant wins’ or low hanging fruit that can tide them over on the sometimes long wait to see on screen success.  We suggest activation opportunities in Hollywood events that can provide PR and social media.  We partner brands with celebrity social influencers who can provide a social post that gives the ‘in-the-moment’ sales driver a kick in the pants.  And we counsel our brand partners to have a little faith and patience as the big win is literally right around the corner.


So if you are ready to enter the world of Product Placement… be prepared to do some hurry ups and waits.  And then watch as your brand becomes part of Hollywood and entwined within the engaged world of your consumer.

Have you ever wondered how a comprehensive product placement program works?  Or do you want to know how to create a promotional partnership strategy with a movie partner?  This video will answer all of your questions as it shows the steps and processes taken by Hollywood Branded that lead to your brand increasing both consumer engagement and sales!

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