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Power of Fractional CMOs

Are you ready to discover the secrets of finding your audience and revolutionizing your marketing strategies? Look no further than Nathan Yeung, the Vice President of CMO Services at Find Your Audience. With over 10 years of experience advising B2B businesses, Nathan has played a pivotal role in helping numerous companies build their marketing teams from scratch, transforming them into powerhouses in their respective industries 

As a seasoned CMO, Nathan leads a dynamic team of marketing professionals, including managers, designers, media buyers, coordinators, and freelancers, all working tirelessly to develop and execute cutting-edge marketing strategies. In this blog, Hollywood Branded uncovers highlights from the podcast on what it means to be a fractional CMO and what it takes to build a marketing team from scratch. 

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A Little More About Nathan

Nathan took his experiences in finance, management consulting, and marketing to design and build a marketing service that solves common marketing problems.

Today Nathan directly acts as a fractional CMO for medium-sized businesses for Finance & Entertainment, Healthcare, Software, and Real-Estate, focusing on positioning, pricing, advertising/media, promotions, and P&L management.

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Interview Transcript Highlights

Stacy: Okay so you join as a fractional CMO, what does it mean? 

Nathan: What it means basically is setting a baseline. 

1. One baseline is what is this industry? What are we doing? What are we selling? What is the sales cycle look like? Who's our Tam? Who's our ICP? And for those who are listening, well they are going to be like what is the CRO and sales work? It is very much buying work. 

My goal is to amplify sales and revenue.

2. Second baseline is what is the baseline? What are we doing today? So, the way I like to go about it is in the sense of questions: 

  • Where are we today?
  • Where are we going? 
  • How are we going to get there? 
  • How much is it going to cost? 

Those are generally the 4 questions that I want to answer when I go into an organization. And that means I am doing a ton of auditing work. I am going through history. I am going through the website. I am going through any data that they hopefully have been collecting. But you know, realistically, again it is just getting to that baseline so I have a sense of their priority. 

Stacy: Where do you find the conflicts are with stakeholders and companies when you're joining as a fractional CMO? 

Nathan: You have a whole lot of bunch of people that are not marketers wanting to be marketing. Generally speaking, you have a lot of chefs in the kitchen. So where do I see the push back? A lot of times I see the push back when you have a whole lot of people involved in the process who should not be involved in the process. In fact, they need to remember they are so involved in that process that they are probably the worst person to be asking for advice from.  

Stacy: So when you are working to build a team that you now are managing, what type of people are you looking for? 

Nathan: When I am building a team, it really depends on the category - meaning do I think this is a complex sale? If it is a simple sale then you are looking at someone different. That is the first thing is really being honest with yourself, is this a simple solution or is this something that is complex and you may need to have a technical sales member to actually come into these calls?

If you need a technical sales member to come into calls then you probably know you are in a technical industry, therefore you are probably going to need a product marketer to come in to really help build out your product marketing road map which includes all your sale enablement tools. If you are doing something really simple, you can probably hire someone who bridges product marketing and customer success. 

Stacy: What are mistakes that fractional CMO's make that you see? 

Nathan: I think one of the things is actually pushback. ACTUALLY NOT PUSHING BACK! That is the biggest thing actually.

Fractional CMO's get bullied. I think CMO's in general get bullied. What ends up happening often is they are pushed into tactics again that are prescribed and not necessarily a focus. It is really important for the sanity and the sake for someone's reputation and performance to really push back when it is required.  

Sneak Peek into the Podcast

Stacy: Whether you are a founder or entrepreneur and you are ready to have some help, what would be the biggest piece of advice you would give? 

Nathan: The biggest advice during our discovery is to really think about two things: sustainability and practicality. 

1. Sustainability: Can you do what you are doing for a consistent amount of time? If you can't practice guitar every single day then you are never going to get good at it. If you can't practice whatever marketing tactic you are planning to do, then you are probably not going to be good at it. 

2. Practicality: Is it practical? Is it something you can effectively do? If you think conferences are the best thing but you are scared of flying planes or being in planes then you probably not going to a lot of conferences. 

So really just dumming it down to thinking about all the assets and tactics that you can do that are sustainable and practical. Prioritize it based on that because if you really don't have anything that is the best thing you can do whether that is emailing, phone calling, and going to conferences, making sales, and doing whatever but you just have to consistently do it and do it well. 

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