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Turn Your Wisdom Into A Best Seller 

What better way to learn how to help your business through writing than with no other than Stacy Jones herself and Alinka Rutkowska. Alinka, CEO of Leaders Press, a USA Today, and Wall Street Journal best-selling press spoke on Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them to give all the in's and outs on how to create a successful book from scratch and launch them into best-seller status at a 100% success rate for entrepreneurs. 

Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Entrepreneurs on Fire, and many more outlets, Alinka helps entrepreneurs make an impact through her hybrid publishing house and motivation. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares highlights of the podcast of how to boost business through writing and what it takes to turn your wisdom into a best seller.

Alinka Rutkowska

A Little More About Alinka 

Alinka is devoted to guiding entrepreneurs to share their stories with the world to see. With the help of her hybrid publishing house and traditional distribution, Simon & Schuster, she was able to assist over 500 entrepreneurs. By 2030, Alinka's goal is to help around 10,000 entrepreneurs to share their wisdom and knowledge with the world to see, which is amazing!

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Interview Transcript Highlights

Stacy: What happens if you go in a certain inverse and you're like, "Wow! Everyone has written about my topic and there are so many phenomenal authors out there." Is there still a place for that writer?

Alinka: Probably, yes! If your book is positioned correctly and your unique selling proposition is done, well then, there is usually a spot for when people are learning about that subject.

They're not just gonna buy one book, right? They're gonna get everything they can, you know, to get started. If you're interested in writing a book or book marketing, you're not just gonna get one book, right? No, you're gonna get a bunch, and you're gonna study the whole thing. So it really is a matter of position. I would say it's a good thing when there's a lot of interest. It means there's a big audience. But this is where that marketing expertise comes in. So how, how do you send it out? 

Stacy: Is there anything you should be extra cautious of at that point? You know you're getting people to the book, can you promote it too much? I would assume you can't.

Alinka: That's a great question. Nobody's ever asked me if we can promote the book too much. I think you know the answer. Well, I think you should.

I don't think you can promote the book too much. Though maybe if you're sort of a one-person band. Let's say you or a life coach, have too many slots a day for meetings, then you know that day, you physically can't do it. That might be your answer as too much promotion but that's a good problem to have.

Stacy: So I know you mentioned when we first were chatting, that you do both self-publishing as well as working with an actual book publisher. Is there a benefit of one over the other? I know there are very different directions to take. 

Alinka: Very different directions. Again, it depends on your goals. We do have a distribution partnership with Simon and Schuster. If your dream is to see your book on the bookshelves, then you know you need to go into a real brick-and-mortar bookstore. 

If your goal is speed and flexibility then you want to go with print-on-demand, which is also an amazing concept. So I'm not going to say, go with one or the other. We do offer both. But when we look at the goals, it becomes really clear which one is the right path.

Stacy: And so, when you say print on demand, are you literally saying that you're not printing the book until it's ordered or are you printing a select number of books and making them available so that they're easy to purchase? Because I know Amazon offers both of those options. 

Alinka: Yes to the first, so there's no inventory. The customer orders the park and then it's printed and shipped, which is amazing!

Little Snippet of Alinka on Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Stacy: How can our listeners find you? They're like, yes, I'm ready to write my first, second, or third book. How can they discover you?

Alinka: The best place is to go to leaderspress.com. You'll see some really cool videos of authors we've worked with that I interviewed in Miami at a book award contest. They say really, really fun things in those interviews.

There's also a link to go to a quiz and that quiz will tell you what type of book you should write, whether it's a long book, a short book, or an anthology depending on the goals of what you want to see. If you resonate with something above, then there's probably a way for us to work together.

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