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Bring a GREAT Idea to Life! 

If achieving entrepreneurial success were a piece of cake, we'd all be running thriving businesses! But, that's far from reality. However, with the right guidance and a willingness to learn from trial and error, you can navigate this challenging journey. That is why Frederick Cary is here!

Frederick is the CEO of IdeaPros, where they take new brands from concept to nationwide launch by providing comprehensive services including market research, positioning, strategy, engineering naming, branding, sourcing, and manufacturing. In this blog, Hollywood Branded highlights what it takes to be a successful business owner and turn your ideas into a business. 

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A Little More About Fred

Meet Fred, an accomplished senior executive, strategic consultant, attorney, and investment banker with a proven track record of building global companies from startup to exit. With a JD degree from Thomas Jefferson, post-graduate studies at Harvard Law School, and an international MBA with Honors from the University of Liverpool, Fred possesses extensive expertise in finance, enterprise software, mobile technologies, and web services.

His impressive portfolio includes overseeing the development of over 250 startups, taking three companies public, and creating billions of dollars in corporate value. Alongside his professional achievements, Fred has garnered a substantial following on social media platforms, boasting over 600,000 followers and a staggering 100 million video views across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. His international recognition through media interviews solidifies his standing as a prominent figure in the business world.

Interview Transcript Highlights

Stacy: Fred really is the real deal. He has a lot of experience, and I'm fascinated by his actual business structure of how he's helping brands. And what I'd like to do is, just read a whole laundry list of all your degrees, along with all your other accomplishments, right? But can you share with us how you got started and got here today?

Fred: Well, you know, it's a long journey, and I think if you're an entrepreneur, you're kind of made that way, and you're always kind of the outsider in high school a little bit, and people don't quite understand you.

Stacy: " Long live the geeeeeek"

Fred: So yeah, so I never got there. I was always there. It's just I have more money now than I had when I first started. I never saw myself being capable of following somebody else's direction, and so therefore I had to pave my own road, sometimes straight down to a cliff. But it was my road, and that's just the way I did it, you know, as I grew multiple companies, different companies that taken some public and had others acquired by public companies. I get to the point in my life where, you know, they say you spend the first half of your career building your portfolio and building out your resume, and you spend the second half of your career building out your legacy. And so I definitely get to the second half of my career point. And that's when I decided to start Idea Pros.

It was either to retire and relax and just hang out on a boat, or work harder than I ever have in my life, and for some reason, I chose that ladder.

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Stacy: Well, seemingly you told me that you're working with over 400 brands right now. So you are obviously working harder than you've ever worked before.

Fred: Yeah, and anybody that would come to me for advice, I'd tell 'em not to do something so stupid as what I'm doing, because, frankly, and many of your listeners, I'm sure, have their own start ups, and they know almost on a daily basis; There's pain. You're sitting in your bed in the morning. The lights are out, your eyes are wide open, tears coming down, staring at the ceiling, wondering if you did the right thing or not. 

Multiply that times 400 because I'm the daddy to all of them. I own 30% of each of those companies, and when there's a fire, everybody comes to Fred to fix it. 

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Stacy: What else are you looking for in a company to decide if it's going to be a successful partner for you? 

Fred: The biggest thing is adaptability and change, and not being stuck on the idea you have. I mean, you don't have to go very far back to look at some of the biggest brands in the world.

When Uber first started out it was just a convenient way to hail a cab. There were no Uber cars, there were no drivers. It was just the next best way to get a cab and that's it. And they made a few changes since then if you look at Airbnb, you know it started out air bed and breakfast.

A little sneak peek into the podcast with Fred Cary

Stacy: What are some of the common things that entrepreneurs do when you're finding them?

Fred: When they come to us, it's validation that they're really getting, because well, here are people that have done it before and they're all in, and they believe in what I'm doing.

But the very first thing I tell them is that we're going to really disappoint the fuck out of you. That's a big thing you're gonna get from us is a lot of disappointment, frustration, anxiety, and second, guessing yourself. That's why I tell them that's what they are about to receive. The reason is because that's what you're gonna get, no matter if you have a really experienced team or a novice team.

It's just the experienced team is going to know what to do when you have those fires and how to deal with them, how to put them out, and how to go in a different direction. That's what you really get. Firefighters that sit along with you.

Stacy: Well, this is where I would love to say, how can our listeners find out more about you?

Fred: Well there are several ways. My Instagram username is @officalfredcary. 

You can also go to @ideaofproscom and Ideapros.com. We have a ton of free stuff on there. You could also apply to work with us! Oh, and don't forget to check out our blog too. 

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For all entrepreneurs, don't be stuck on an idea and to make sure to leave room for growth. Wanting to start a successful business will not happen right away. If you're eager to learn advice and what it takes to be an entrepreneur,  listen to our podcast below!

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