EP363: Unlocking the Power of Copywriting and Email Marketing: Recipes for Driving Results


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Empowering Coaches with Strategic Paid Advertising

Are you a dedicated coach ready to be advertised and ready to learn how to utilize paid ads in email marketing? If so, meet Luke Charlton! Luke Charlton is the founder of LukeCharlton.com, an agency dedicated to empowering coaches to acquire high-paying clients through strategic paid advertising.

With over 8 years of marketing experience, Luke has helped over 1,000 coaches grow their businesses with paid advertising and unveiled the secret of attracting numerous clients with just a 15-minute. In this blog, Hollywood Branded highlights the power and importance of copywriting and email marketing to drive high results.

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A Little More About Luke

Leaving his comfortable government job in 2013, he established his online coaching business after overcoming numerous trials and errors. Today, Luke's guidance has proven successful for over 4,000 coaches, earning him recognition in esteemed publications like “6-Figure Coaching” and collaborations with renowned ad agencies.Having invested $16 million in advertising and generating $50 million+ in sales, Luke's expertise in copywriting and marketing has benefited industry experts like Bob Proctor, Mike Dillard, Neil Patel, and many more.

He's recognized in publications like "6-Figure Coaching" and collaborates with renowned ad agencies. With his proven methods and many success stories, Luke is an invaluable resource for individuals seeking unparalleled growth in the online business lands

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Interview Transcript Highlights

Stacy: So, how did you get here today? You have a long journey that does not start with advertising!

Luke: No, no, it starts in the public service. I'm from Canberra, the capital of Australia, but I don't live there anymore. It's kind of like Washington, DC, a government town where everyone works government jobs. That's what I did. I worked with the Afp, which is like the FBI of Australia. I was involved in computer-related work. I left there exactly years ago, this month. So I've been job-free for years, which is pretty cool.

At first, I had various full-time jobs for about the first months, which were great. But then it became monotonous, and I didn't realize why at the time. Looking back, I knew it was because there was no room for growth. Moving up in the government usually takes a decade, either if someone dies or retires. So, I thought it wasn't for me, and I quit. I moved to London years ago to become a coach, but I failed miserably in the first year and had to come back to Australia with a lot of debt.

Initially, my marketing strategy was just throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what stuck, but nothing did. I then decided to learn from successful coaches and entrepreneurs to figure out the fundamentals of business. I realized that instead of chasing bright, shiny objects, I should focus on the boring stuff that everyone knows they should be doing, like researching the market and knowing your niche.

So, I learned about copywriting and discovered I had a natural talent for it. I applied that skill to advertising because I had organic strategies. In London, I disliked the experience of knocking on restaurant doors to sell mobile apps, which led me to focus on better marketing strategies.

Stacy: I know you touched on this and it didn't sound like you're the biggest fan in the world but are you using CHAT GPT or any AI writing? 

Luke: I've used it once for like five minutes to give it a test for different headlines. For like copywriting, where I see the most power at the moment for me would be if I did a 30-minute coaching call or an hour-long presentation to plug - that hour-long copy - into CHAT GPT and say summarize these notes and basically make the presentation shorter. It does give you ideas but to me, it wouldn't replace copywriting any time soon. 

Stacy: So, when you are working with a new client and figuring out where to start because I am assuming people aren't coming to you and saying "Here is exactly what we need", more so they say " HELP!" How do you help? 

Luke: It depends on the client's specific needs, but the starting point is always to help them book appointments in their calendar. I follow a consistent process, which involves identifying their dream client, ensuring their offer aligns with that dream client, and then setting up the appointment system once the market and offer are well-defined.

Sneak Peek of Luke on Marketing Mistakes (+ How to Avoid Them)

Stacy: Do you find that working with such a diverse range of clients affects your approach, or do you use the same system for everyone?

Luke: My marketing plan focuses on getting clients to schedule appointments in their calendars through paid advertising. I am very specific about this message. I convey to my audience, "Hey, if you want to use paid ads to attract high-paying clients, I can create the system for you. I'll show you how to book appointments in their calendar and guide you on effective closing techniques." Typically, 95% of my target audience consists of experienced coaches who already know they want to use paid ads and are ready to move away from organic methods. This aligns perfectly with my intended audience.

Stacy: Last but not least, how can people find you and learn about all your amazing content?

Luke: I do give a lot away for free. So, the easiest way to check me out is to go to lukecharlton.com, there is a free guide there for nine email offers that get clients for free, so you can opt into that and get the free guide. 

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