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From Crisis to Comfort: Reshaping Homeownership

Challenges are rising as families are unable to pay for their housing.  It is sad and unacceptable. Now a days, there are real estate companies who stopping this stigma and building modern, quality mobile homes to help families who are struggling during this financial crisis. 

Meet Franco Perez. Franco is the founder and president of Franco Mobile Homes, a leading real estate company that builds innovative mobile homes for families. With over a decade of experience in real estate, he has been instrumental in tackling the affordable housing crisis with well-designed solutions – and a marketing angle that changed customer perception of the brand category for the better. In this blog, Hollywood Branded highlights Franco Mobile Homes and how they are building quality mobile homes and bringing awareness to them. 

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A Little More About Franco

After witnessing his family's struggle during the 2008 financial crisis, Franco was inspired to explore the real estate sector and provide hundreds of families with financial security through inexpensive housing options.

Franco is an author, runs the YouTube channel, Franco Mobile Homes, hosts the podcast, The Mobile Home Movement and has been featured in media outlets including Forbes, ABC and CB

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Interview Transcript Highlights

Stacy: So let's start off - how did you get here today? You know, obviously I shared that your family had a crisis and you learned from it, and you decided to start your business. But is this what you ever thought you would be - the king of mobile homes and marketing?

Franco: No, I would have never thought of that. Actually it's yeah, I guess to answer your question - I started, like you said, I grew up with a single mom. We really struggled, renting forever, and then went through a lot of pains just trying to get out of that rental rat race and got into real estate. I did real estate because I found it was somewhere where I was just helping the wealthiest people. I could help get the most expensive home that they couldn't, and I had to turn down people that were in my shoes before.

So I left being an agent and got into helping, trying to help as many people get into their first piece of ownership through mobile homes. And that's how we got to where we're at today, really.

Stacy: So you started your business when you turned to deciding mobile homes was going to be your path. Was it that this is what you wanted to do? Now, I have seen on your website that you coined the phrase "sexy mobile home." What made you do that?

Franco: Well, really good question. I think, well, first it was the realization that so many of these myths and so many of these stigmas or associations with mobile homes and mobile home parks are only what we see in the media, right? So we see in movies - these are the lowest of the low, there's criminals in here, they're bad quality homes, you know. And we only see, like in rap music videos that relate to mobile home parks and that sort of thing.

And I realized that you know, all of this is really false information. We're seeing that people are - you know, the quality of these homes are actually quite nice. It's just like apartments - there's really bad quality apartments you don't want your kids around, and then there's luxury-style apartments. There's that same spectrum with mobile homes. And then we have mobile homes that are appreciating, we have mobile homes that are really high quality homes.

Here is a sneak peek into the episode!

Stacy: What are mobile homes now?

Franco: Now we do a lot of advocacy on how these are built, and to be honest with you, the way we're building them now are actually much higher quality than most single family traditional homes are being built. So now we have these huge 2,000+ square foot homes, 3 bedroom 2 bath. Like I mentioned the quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, modern technology in there like working with Alexa and Google.

Keep in mind that the people that are living in here are people that can't afford those $2 million homes, but they still want to get a piece of home ownership. And we have a lot of people that are engineers making $100k, that sort of thing, and they just want something to avoid paying rent and regretting it for years. But they still maybe can't afford these huge multi-million dollar homes.

So we're seeing a lot of innovation - we're building these in factories and building it in a much more effective and efficient way to keep it affordable.

Stacy: Do you find you're paying all influencers or some just want to create content?

Franco: There's a mix. Sometimes the unpaid ones create more buzz. It depends on the business scale. Sometimes payment makes sense, sometimes it helps to work with influencers growing their channel who want to be first to feature a business. There's a spectrum - from micro influencers to the Kim Kardashians with agencies who want payment. But it's about understanding where mutual value can exist. If a company is already paying for other marketing, why not invest in influencers too?

Stacy: What are your next steps with your businesses?

Franco: I'm very passionate about affordable housing - that wakes me up everyday. We're expanding that model beyond the Bay Area to LA, San Diego, other markets, partnering with park owners having certain pains and helping protect mobile home parks as affordable housing. That's my mission - to help low-income families keep the dream of home ownership alive.

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