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The History Of Product Placement - In Michael Bay Films

For any doubters about product placement on whether or not it works, there is one man in Hollywood who knows the value.  From the man known for Transformers. And Transformers. And wait... MORE Transformers... product placement deals - from organic to over-the-top and in your face, are a norm of his films.

Why? Well... because they make him money - whether that is from cash deals, to trade out loan of product that saves money, or cross promotional deals with brands that help advertise his films. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at Michael Bay's career impact on product placement, and shares a video compilation showcasing (almost) every one.

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A Look At Michael Bay's Career

Michael Bay is certainly a prolific director and producer.  In the last 22 years, he has produced or directed over 25 films, ranging from horror genre likes of The Amityville Horror to The Purge franchise, and fast action packed global hits including Transformers and Bad Boys.  And his films have grossed over 8 billion dollars worldwide.

He actually got his start in commercials and music - directing music videos for artists including Tina Turner, WilsonPhilips, Lionel Richie, Great White, Donny Osmond, Styx, Meat Loaf, Chicago, Vanilla Ice, Greg Allman and more.

And all that changed when he took on Bad Boys in 1995 - and found a a major hit on his hands. Along the way there were some not-so-great films - but overall, his track record is one of absolute envy in Hollywood.  Films have included Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Bad Boys II, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityiville Horror, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Island, and of course the mother load - Transformers which has resulted in 4 additional films in the franchise to date - with more to come. And it doesn't stop there... Pain & Gain, The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy, The Purge Election Year,  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 & 2, Ouija, 13 Hours, and then plenty more in development waiting for production start dates.

And he hasn't shied away from the small screen, with producing TV shows including Black Sails to The Last Ship, and now the upcoming Jack Ryan TV series on Amazon.

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And Then There Is The Product Placement 

And due to his work with commercials, Michael Bay discovered along the way how to make a brand SHINE on screen.  

There are reasons why productions use product placement - they can save production money from renting or purchasing items, or they can bring in additional cash fee payments, or a brand can agree to partner with the production and use their planned advertising to support the film by co-branding ads and retail space in a 6 to 8 week period around the film's release.  The latter brings more eyeballs and box office money to the producer.

And Michael Bay has taken full usage of the advantages that product placement can bring to his films.

In this AWESOME video creation, most - not quite all - are the product placements he's allowed to be incorporated in his films.  We say most as we spotted many of our clients, and know from first hand experience that there are some missing.

The 11 minute 555+ product placement filled video "Every Single Product Placement in the Films of Michael Bay,” is by Matt Singer on ScreenCrush. Each product placement is showcased with a yellow circle and brand logo pop ups for verbal mentions.  

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"Every Single Product Placement In The Films Of Michael Bay"

And here's that video you've been waiting for... sit back and grab a snack... because this is going to take a few minutes.


Ready To Explore Product Placement For Your 
Each brand category has different opportunities in a film - from wardrobe to props to sets to or even locations.  Some of the placements in Michael Bay's film are - well, over the top.  And others are in our opinion much better as they are organic and lend realism to the scene.  
We have created a comprehensive e-book guide on how product placement works, and ways a brand can extend that on-screen exposure into their media and retail channels.  Check it out below!
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