Finding Dory: Brand Partnerships As Vast As The Ocean [Infographic]


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In case you've been hiding under a rock, you know that the long-awaited sequel to the Disney Pixar film Finding Nemo arrives this summer. The exclusive trailer that premiered on The Ellen Show in December has already racked up over 22 million views on YouTube.

Hollywood Branded takes a look at the brand partnerships with Finding Dory and which brands will make a splash in the upcoming Disney Pixar movie with our infographic.


What Makes Finding Dory Such A Jackpot For Brands?

Besides the huge amount of buzz surrounding the movie, Finding Dory is a wildly attractive promotional partner because it has such wide appeal. And of course, MASSIVE history of success with it's franchise founder, Finding Nemo.  While it is, at heart, a family movie, many fans of the original film are now millenials in their early to mid twenties and will not be missing the follow-up.

Ellen Degeneres, aka Dory, the films whimsical and lovable star, also has a huge fan base. Her show is one of the most popular daytime talk shows and her YouTube channel is the 9th most subscribed channel on YouTubeBrands are taking advantage of this built-in popularity for promotional partnerships.

The Finding Dory Infographic


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