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The Next Frontier Of Tech

Tech enthusiasts and future-thinkers, get ready to be amazed! The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year was a spectacular showcase of the latest and greatest in technology, and we were right there to witness it all. From awe-inspiring innovations to gadgets that make everyday life a breeze, this event had everything a tech lover could dream of.

As someone who's been following the evolution of technology for over two decades, I can confidently say that this year's CES did not disappoint in the slightest. In this article, Hollywood Branded shares insights and highlights from CES, detailing the cutting-edge tech that caught our eye and the incredible experiences that made this event unforgettable.

CES 2024 Futuristic Wonders

Happy MLK Day!

Today, we honor Dr. King's enduring legacy of hope, equality, and nonviolence, which continues to inspire our journey toward a more just society.

If you are a tech geek or just into the future of living in a world of self-flying cars (it’s closer than you think) – all I can say is CES truly delivered this year with fantastically cool technology. I’ve seen a lot of new electronic "stuff" over the last 25 years or so that amazed me, and this year was no exception.

Before I share some of my favorites I caught up with at CES this year, I’m giving a shout-out to JSX again, as it’s really an awesome airline that operates from private terminals next to the main airport, with all-business class fares letting you live like a celebrity - but at a much more affordable price. I want them to be successful so I get to continue to fly them. So go fly. The airline is dog-friendly, and our office mascots, Luna and Leia, rocked their first-ever round-trip flights. Big dogs have to book a seat, and little ones that fit under the seat get to scrunch.

We flew down just over a dozen of our team to see clients, learn from speakers, and talk to new partners. Best of all, we managed to all hang out in a giant house with one another, have a decent amount of fun with no drama, and lived a week of agency life at CES in Vegas!

AWOL Vision

One of the brands that I thought leveraged celebrity endorsement the best this year was AWOL Vision, with a sweepstakes and onsite guest appearance by "Shark Tank" star and entrepreneur Daymond John. Their team smartly took that partnership and extended it in front of everyone at CES by featuring it wrapped on the daily CES insights magazine. 

This quote sums up the partnership perfectly: 

"My family and I have had AWOL Vision in our home for a few months and we are such big fans that I've teamed up with them to give away $50k worth of products only at CES" - Daymond John

AWOL Vision makes projector TVs and giant - GIANT screens that retract. This isn't your old school projector TV that you had to muscle out of your house and beg someone to take when you finally were ready to switch to flat screens. This is a whole new TV viewing experience - with incredible colors and clarity from a projector the size of a printer that just sits less than 2 feet away from the retractable screen. If you don't want to always have a big blank TV screen taking up a large part of your wall and places to hang art, retractable screens are the solution. There are different options for rooms that get lots of light to ensure the screen isn't blown out too. 

If you want a movie experience in your living room, then this is the next evolution of home entertainment you've been waiting for. 

Bio Bidet By Bemis

My father had dementia and was in assisted living for several years. He was in a wheelchair as well, and one of the most challenging things for my mom and I was helping him use the toilet. It’s just not something that is fun to do, nor the easiest to maneuver, and there is a level of dignity lost by pretty much everyone involved until you just get over it as part of life. It all sucks.

This is why I am so excited to write about a toilet bidet seat that debuted at CES! Bio Bidet by Bemis has created a bidet that can offer a life-changing experience for both you and your loved one. I’m hopeful assisted living faculties will dial in and purchase!

Bidets are something that many people giggle over – and in reality, Americans are a little behind (hah!) much of the rest of the world, particularly in countries like Italy (where laws mandate bidets are in homes!) and Japan (known for advanced fancy and super expensive electronic toilets). Bidets are popular for both cultural, practical, and environmental reasons – like being super clean without sending gobs of toilet paper out to the sea. In reality, it’s just a very targeted below-the-waist shower experience that gets you squeaky clean without you having to actually jump IN the shower.

It wasn’t so long ago during Covid-lock down that we all thought we’d run out of toilet paper and have to start washing towels and rags. I’m surprised the whole world hasn’t raced to buy a bidet at this point from that horror of a repeat of that potential experience alone. You can get a full Bio Bidet fancy schmancy toilet with heated water and seat, dryer, self-opening top, auto flush, and a night-lit foot push button (and more!) – or a topper that replaces your toilet seat with lots of similar perks. There are options for every price point, and really, it’s just not that expensive. You’ll recoup the cost with all that toilet paper savings within the year.

Now back to my dad mention - with the elderly, bidets enhance personal hygiene and comfort. They gently clean sensitive areas, helping to prevent skin irritation and decrease the likelihood of infections - which can kill or at least be very painful. It’s a more soothing experience compared to conventional toilet paper. Especially the rough stuff! This is particularly beneficial for those with restricted mobility or who require additional assistance, making cleaning easier and more efficient.

And now, drumroll… Bio Bidet has launched the Empower CleanCare™ System, which in three steps cleans, disinfects, and protects as part of a unique bidet wash experience. First, a specialized bidet wash utilizing a distinctive spray pattern is activated for thorough cleaning. Then, a pH-balanced spray effectively neutralizes skin acids, ensuring comprehensive cleansing. Finally, a nourishing spray that safeguards and protects the skin. Think of it kind of like when you diaper a baby – except the bidet automatically is doing each step for you. No caregiver has to help beyond getting positioned. 

It’s amazing, and that whole dignity factor makes it really worth the costs. I want a bidet in whatever house I live in forevermore.

eVTOL Flying Car

You know how I mentioned flying cars? The future is unbelievable. Check it out. XPENG AEROHT is the largest flying car company in Asia, and one of their next models has helicopter blades that extend and retract into the car allowing it to drive - or fly.

One of the biggest takeaways I had across all of automotive brands at CES is that the Cybertruck isn't so far off the future of design for pretty much everything.  Cars will be blocky and angular, with less curve, although everything seems to flow together more in unbroken pieces.  Oh! And I did the Boring Company tunnels in a Tesla - those are the same types of tunnels they do tests from in LA. It's not for the claustrophobic. 


If you're into unique and vibrant lighting solutions, you might be familiar with Govee's extensive selection of products. They offer a variety of items such as wall panels, LED strips, and smart bulbs - and sync with other smart home devices like Google Home and Alexa. This is lighting re-invented for outdoor architectural to lights for your holidays - and all year round.

Govee is a client of HB's and the big reveal I saw that I'm most excited about is the new curtain lights that are integrated to span up to the length of your 2-car garage door. The lights can be programmed with real-world images - that aren't just light patterns. The detail is amazing and it integrates into an app to make it all easy! Picture having all sorts of scenes and colors be able to play out on your garage or wall - favorite sports team colors, festive holiday designs, or theme to any event under the sun. Govee also updated the Hexagon light panels with this cool 3D outlined edge look that makes the gaming experience even more immersive. They really pop!

While we're talking Govee - go check out the partnership we built with One Republic for a claymation-style music video!  


I first noticed the Pebble in my Facebook ad feed - and the next day, as I walked onto the show floor - I stumbled onto the glorious RV. I'm not living the life of a RV'er.  My husband Ian and I TALK about renting an RV and driving around with the dogs - that hasn't happened quite yet in the no-time-to-travel business packed schedule of our life.  But when it does - this is the RV to goal for! 

The Pebble Flow is a new, electric RV that looks like Apple created it: stylish and practical, perfect for small families or couples. It's surprisingly spacious inside, with a smart, modern design and big windows that make it feel open and airy. The kitchen has everything you need, and even a special faucet for outdoor cooking. The bathroom is well-thought-out, with lots of storage space throughout the RV. The living room is cozy and turns into a bed, and the bedroom has a convertible bed-desk combo, great for travelers who need to stay connected. In short, it's a cool, eco-friendly RV that's packed with clever features for comfortable traveling.  It is cool enough that you'd be proud to have it sitting on your driveway. 

Wowwee's Dog-E

This toy robot dog wasn't on the floor at CES - but their team's awesome Dave Malacrida stopped by our team's house to drop off our new mascot, Dog-E. Luna is still trying to come to terms with her robot-meeting dog experience. Between that and the flight experience, as I type this she's firmly passed out.

The WowWee Mintid Dog-E, a unique robot dog, stands out for its customizable features and engaging interactions. When you unbox, you'll discover the color and position of the ears, the shape of the eyes, and the collar symbol.  When powered on, it transforms with light-up eyes, chest, and paws, and makes over 200 sounds and reactions, mimicking a real puppy's behavior. What sets Dog-E apart is its minting process, where each toy can link to up to six apps in a household (or our office) and become uniquely each individuals' through a combination of different lights and actions.  

Dog-E is capable of basic movements and tricks, and can tilt its head, sit, stand, and race forward with wheels under each foot. It even wags its tail and shares what it is feeling through LED lights. The robot dog has sensors that respond to touch and handling, adding to its lifelike qualities. It's been spotted in the hands of celeb kids too from parent purchases- so you know it's a star-approved hit!

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