Geico & Guardians Of The Galaxy Team Up For Unexpected Celebrity Endorsement Campaign


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How Geico's Gecko Can Save You And Your Money

Geico's marketing strategy has always been lauded for its humor and creativity, specifically with their reptilian spokesperson who sports an Aussie accent. And Geico is no stranger to entertainment marketing. During the Vikings season 4 premiere, "It's What You Do" their spot featured a viking-themed story. And even Elmer Fudd made an appearance in an ad once as well.

In their latest ad campaign, Geico steps it up a notch by partnering with Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. The much anticipated-film lends Geico's gecko a friend to play with - the widely adored Groot. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the partnership between Geico and Guardians of the Galaxy and how an unexpected cameo makes for a brilliant celebrity endorsement ad.

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How Car Insurance Makes Geico A Guardian Of The Galaxy

By now, anyone who owns a TV is more than likely familiar with the car insurance company's tiny spokesperson - a walking, talking Gecko who just wants to save you 15% or more on car insurance.

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In this ad, Geico's gecko supposes that because he saves people money on their car insurance, he deserves to be a Guardian of the Galaxy too. He recruits Groot for his ad, but unfortunately Groot isn't as good with lines as the famous Geico gecko is. Check it out: 

Why This Team-Up Is So Great

The combination of Groot and Gecko just makes both all the more lovable. Plus, it's great PR on both sides. The spot gets fans excited for the upcoming film release while simultaneously reminding them that Geico can save you money on car insurance.

The car insurance marketing world is a cutthroat community. It is absolutaly vital for brands to stand out next to their competitors. And by teaming up with a new film release, Geico does just that. By creatively incorporating the film's animated character into their already established theme, the spot feels natural and funny.

Could Your Brand Benefit From Entertainment Marketing? 

Of course it can. Entertainment marketing boosts the marketing strategies of brands worldwide, validating them and spreading consumer interest.

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