Global Product Placement Increases To Multi-Billion Dollar Industry


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Global Product Placement Increases To $8.25 Billion Industry In 2012, An Increase Of 2 Billion In 3 Years

As brand marketers seize the opportunity to embrace product placement, spending is reported by PQ Media to have increased to $8.25 billion in 2012, from a combined reach of paid integration in TV, film, video games, online, mobile and music.


The Importance Of Global

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From our agency’s own experience, and supported from the metrics within this report, marketers are showing that paid product placement is a 'strategic must-have' in the consumer brand activation marketing mix. This is directly reflected in our own clients pursuing more paid integration in both TV and music properties this last year, which appears only to be a growing trend for our clients nationally and internationally, and emphasized to an even higher level with our Chinese brand marketing partners.

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