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A Quarter Of PR For Our Agency

2019 was a phenomenal year of press for Hollywood Branded, where I had the pleasure of speaking with over 45 media outlets about all things pop culture.  As an agency, we (of course) love free publicity. But it is more than that. We love helping educate people on the ins and outs, the overall best practices, and the mistakes to avoid along the way to create awesome pop culture marketing strategies. 

That way, whether the brand marketer works with our team, another agency or does it in-house, we are able to help provide some guidance and make sure success is found. Because quite frankly - it's not the easiest marketing strategy to successfully pull off.  But we also know leveraging pop culture as a marketing tool is one of the best ways you can differentiate your brand, stand out and ultimately that required mecca - drive sales. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares top product placement, celebrity and influencer media interviews in Q1 2019 including BBC, Entrepreneur Magazine,  InStyle,  Vanitatis, and VOX.   Let's take a walk down memory lane....

Q1 2019 PR

Instyle March 14, 2019

Could Lori Loughlin’s Influencer Daughter Actually Benefit From The College Admissions Scandal?

I spoke with Isabel Jones about how Olivia Jade, Lori Laughlin’s daughter will be impacted by the college admissions scandal, and provided advice on how she could potentially help spin this to become positive for her future.

Read the article here

Instyle March 4, 2019

Jordyn Woods Could Get Richer Thanks To The Tristan Thompson Scandal

I spoke with Sam Reed about how Jordyn Woods will be able to leverage her moment in the spotlight to secure brand endorsement deals that will boost her career.

Read the article here

VOX February 23, 2019

The Red Carpet Is Just One Big Makeup Ad

I spoke with Cheryl Wischhover about how brands can best partner themselves with celebrities during red carpet awards season.

Read the article here

Vanitatis February 22, 2019

The Red Carpet of The Oscars Is The Best Business of Beauty Firms

I was quoted by writer Marita Alonso about how celebrities and brands create red carpet partnerships.

Read the article (in Spanish) here

Entrepreneur Magazine February 22, 2019

The Oscars: How To Get Your Swag Inside The Celebrity Bag

I spoke with Gina Roberts-Grey about how brands can work with red carpet events in Hollywood to get their product – affordably – into the hands of celebrities.

Read the article here

BBC January 19, 2019

The Food Chain: Is Product Placement Getting In Your Face?

I was interviewed in this British podcast by Emily Thomas about how food and beverage brands have historically leveraged TV and film content to create massive partnerships with eyebrow raising brand awareness results through product placement.

Listen to the interview here

is product placement in your face

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