In this article I discuss how social media has allowed fans to feel like they are literal family or friends, and truly part of celebrity's lives, and how difficult it can be to keep privacy in play.  Prince Harry and Megan Markle are unlike most celebrities in that instead of playing up attention of their romance and potential engagement, they are instead working extremely hard to keep the limelight more limited and controlled.

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How Kevin Hart "Stepped Out" To Redirect Negative Media

In this article I discuss how celebrities work to manipulate the narrative of their bad press, to bring into focus the elements of the story they want shared, and redirect attention to new must-be-in-the-know information for fans.  Like where they last had lunch, and with who.  And why that actually matters to some people.

This 'stepping out' story is actually EXTREMELY important for brands to understand.  Why? Because if you are a brand who ever partners with celebrities for endorsement deals, you are taking some potential risks if the celebrity has a calamity arise.  I've addressed this in more detail in this blog:  Missing Six Steps To Safeguard Celebrity Endorsements and also provided an infographic and more detail in this podcast post Creating Celebrity Brand Endorsement Safeguards.  Your pick - read, listen or view an infographic!

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Interested in Working With Celebrities?

For brands, celebrities and influencers offer a tremendous partnership opportunity - when done right.  There can be risks, like when the celebrity comes into the media's attention for not being the stand-up guy or gal they are expected to be.  And that's one reason some brands may shy away from working with celebrities as mega partners in TV or print media campaigns. Fear of that unknown.

But there are so many other ways to work with a celebrity and still capture that star power - including either inviting a celebrity to your brand event, or jumping onto a sponsorship or gifting opportunity at a celebrity driven event, like the ones we share in this calendar below.  Regardless of your interest in working with celebrities, our agency is here to help lend a hand and our expertise to ensure you secure all the success possible from your celebrity partnership.

Celebrity Event Planning Calendar by Hollywood Branded