How Brands Can Boost Consumer Awareness At The PRIMETIME EMMY Awards


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Is Your Brand Interested In Making An Appearance At The 2015 EMMYS?

Brands need to know the powerful leverage that PRIMETIME EMMY Awards have for consumer awareness. Hollywood's Award's Season offers A-List star studded partnership opportunities of the highest echelon that can be supported by brand sponsorship and advertising. 

Brands have historically been a part of the award show experience - from dressing the celebs in frocks and jewelry, to being the champagne poured at the parties, to sponsoring big-named events around the galas.

  • A recent entertainment survey found that 43 percent of consumer respondents stated they have been influenced to purchase a product after seeing it with a celebrity - through endorsement or seeding.
  • That's 43 percent more than zero percent! Something brand marketers should keep in mind!

Why should your brand consider being a part of the 2015 PRIMETIME EMMY Awards?

The Emmys By The Numbers

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Final Thoughts

Brands across so many categories have an opportunity during an awards show like the PRIMETIME EMMY Awards to capture a bit of the attention consumers are giving to their favored content, while leveraging their exposure to a fantastic demographic of households - all will eventually lead to increased brand exposure, increased brand awareness, and increased sales!

The 2015 PRIMETIME EMMY Awards will be taking place on September 20, 2015. So isn't it about time you started thinking about ways your brand can be a part of the festivities? Have you considered the benefit of Award show SWAG bag? Read more about getting your product into the hands of celebrities and in front of the eyes of consumers.

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