How Brands Go 'Beyond' With Futuristic Star Trek Product Placement


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A Futuristic Brand Integration That Caught Viewers' Attention

The Star Trek world of TV shows and movies has never been known for grandiose over the top product placement. In fact, very few brands have had the opportunity to be integrated into the wildly popular franchise series.   Primarily because the series is set in the future.

Yet, in the latest film in the saga, Star Trek: Beyond, a bottle of Glenfiddich scotch whiskey is clearly seen in one scene.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded takes a look at Glenfiddich's product placement in Star Trek and how other brands can take advantage to futurize their products for on screen starring roles.


Glenfiddich's Moment In The Spotlight

Not only was Glenfiddich in the new Star Trek: Beyond (which scored an impressive 84% on Rotten Tomatoes) but it was central to a scene in the film. The scene in question is one in which Captain James Kirk (Chris Pine) is reflecting on the life of his father. 

His best friend Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy (Karl Urban) enters the room with a bottle of Glenfiddich scotch whiskey to share with Captain Kirk on his 30th birthday. But it isn't just any bottle.  Nor is it one that is recognizable to Glenfiddich's current consumer.  The bottle features a unique and futuristic design.

The characters exchange a conversation about the scotch that Bones nicked from Pavel Chekov's locker and how great the scotch tastes after having a drink. The label is clearly featured in the scene yet is organically introduced into the scene - a huge win for the brand and a very rare moment of product placement for the series.


The History Of Product Placement In Star Trek

Since Star Trek takes place far into the future, it poses a challenge for brands looking to integrate their brand organically into the films and shows. Yet it also creates an opportunity for brands to be creative and imagine how their products would look like in the future.

Very few brands have had the chance to appear in Star Trek, which is what makes Glenfiddich's integration that much more special for their brand. 

Electronics company Nokia was featured as the brand of a future gadget seen in Captain Kirk's father's car. Nokia also then released a flip-phone prototype fashioned after the gadgets scene in the series - to much excitement from the Trekkie and techie worlds. 


Other electronics/computer companies are seen such as Pacific Bell and Macintosh. A Macintosh computer is featured when Scotty travels back to 1986 and attempts to interface with the mouse of a Mac computer.


Several of USS Enterprise's crew members sported Levi's in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. In the same film, Captain Kirk orders a shot of Jack Daniels in a bar. Other alcohol brands Michelob and Dom Perignon can be seen at other times.

However, other than these five brands, none others have been spotted in this specific film. And most of those were all brands seen when characters traveled back in time to current-day. This is what makes Glenfiddich's product placement so unique.

The Benefits Of Futuristic Product Placement

There are numerous movies and TV shows every year that come out that take place by decades or milleniuns into the future. And brands have an opportunity to embed themselves into the future of tomorrow by making creative partnerships that have a little realism to them. 

What better way to show your consumer that your brand is so good, so popular and so powerful, that it is going to be still around in the future.  Perhaps in a slightly different form - but the name itself.

Movie producers WANT to work with brands who go all out to help them make their futuristic content more realistic.  And their master props people will work in collaboration to help make that product happen.

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