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The Global Hollywood Celebrity Phenomena

You know a celebrity has made it to the top if they are well known in Los Angeles or New York.  But these Hollywood celebrities aren’t just famous in the United States – they are recognizable to a massive scale around the world.  And in fact, many of these celebrities make a lot of money endorsing an international brand that targets both the US and foreign audience.

Celebrities who are known globally range from A-listers to reality TV stars in such shows as X Factor, Big Brother, or Master Chef. They also include social influencers, individual personalities who have made names for themselves on social media sharing sites such as Instagram and YouTube. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at how international countries view the Hollywood celebrity and shares some of the top brand celebrity endorsements around the world. 

Hollywood Celebrities Go Global For Endorsement Deals

The Power Of Celebrity Authenticity

Brands recognize the potential and the power of celebrities, and employ them to add their star power to companies’ products and services. As famous people are instantly recognizable and attract consumer interest, they can bring attention to a brand in a way that no other type of advertising can. As long as the celebrity is authentic, he or she can help provide credibility to a brand and influence the consumers’ buying habits.

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The Most Powerful Global Celebrities

Forbes' Celebrity 100 list for 2017 included. With the World Cup qualifiers, it makes sense to see so many soccer athletes too.

  1. Musician (and businessman) Sean Combs
  2. Musician Beyonce
  3. Writer J.K. Rowling 
  4. Musician Drake
  5. Soccer athlete Cristiano Ronaldo 
  6. Musician The Weeknd 
  7. Show-host Howard Stern 
  8. Coldplay 
  9. Writer James Patterson
  10. Basketball athlete LeBron James
  11. Musicians Guns N’ Rosdes
  12. Radio host Rush Limbaugh
  13. Musician Justin Bieber
  14. Soccer athlete Lionel Messi
  15. Show-host Dr. Phil McGraw
  16. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres
  17. Musician Bruce Springsteen
  18. Musician Adele
  19. Comedian Jerry Senfeld
  20. Actor Mark Walhberg

According to Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list, twenty of the most powerful global celebrities back in 2016 included the below. It's interesting to see who stayed and who left the list.

  1. Singer Tyler Swift
  2. British band One Direction
  3. Author James Patterson
  4. Show-host Dr. Phil McGraw
  5. Soccer player Christiano Ronaldo
  6. Comedian Kevin Hart
  7. Radio host Howard Stern
  8. Soccer player Lionel Messi
  9. British Singer Adele
  10. Radio Host Rush Limbaugh
  11. Basketball player LeBron James
  12. Singer Madonna
  13. Actress and TV host Ellen DeGeneres
  14. Singer Rihanna
  15. Singer Garth Brooks
  16. Tennis player Roger Federer
  17. Rock band AC/DC
  18. The Rolling Stones
  19. Actor Dwayne Johnson
  20. Magician David Copperfield 

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A Look At The International Landscape

Asia has recognized the advantages of celebrities as influencers for a while now, and in both South Korea and Japan, about 70% of commercials now feature a celebrity. In South Korea, entertainment companies work closely with the advertising industry to build campaigns the truly resonate with their consumer. Hundreds of “K-pop” stars are not only trained from a young age for live performances, but also to endorse products and promote corporate brands.

China and India don’t fall much behind their neighbors and have also come to the realization that celebrities can impact the market significantly. China has historically put its trust in leaders and elders for guidance. However, with its’ political shifts and burgeoning economic development , it is now celebrities rather than military heroes who symbolize knowledge and trust in the eyes of Chinese consumers. India has learned to channel its well-known Bollywood celebrities, such as actor Aamir Khan, and singer Aishwarya Rai, as highly paid influencers for local advertisement and promotion of brands.

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Celebrity Endorsements Around The World

Here are 10 international brands that have successfully been endorsed by Hollywood celebrities well known throughout the world.


Drew Barrymore.jpg

Baskin Robbin’s Korean line signed Drew Barrymore for a series of commercials, paying her $500k US for a one-year deal.   


Ben Stiller.jpg

Photographer Mario Testino created a vodka bottle as part of French brand Ciroc in tribute to Ben Stiller’s character Zoolander. Blue Steel Vodka line was distributed in a limited edition and handled in the U.S by Sean “Diddy” Combs.


Jennifer Aniston.jpg

Jennifer Aniston's endorsement of Netherland’s Heineken beer

Angelina Jolie.jpg

Angelina Jolie endorsed the oldest cosmetic company in the world, Japan's Shiseido


Kobe Bryant partnered with the German line of Mercedes-Benz smart cars for their commercial in China. Bryant retired from the NBA with estimated earnings of $680 million US from salary and endorsements made throughout his career



Leonardo DiCaprio was paid $5 million US to feature in a five-commercials series for Chinese mobile company OPPO’s ‘Find’ smartphone line


Sylvester stallone.jpg

Russian vodka’s Russian Ice line signed Sylvester Stallone in a one year contract valued at $1 million US 


George Clooney.jpg

When he was still Hollywood’s most wanted single man, George Clooney endorsed DNB Norwegian Bank in a commercial where he played a married man


tommy Lee Jones.jpg

Riffing on Tommy Lee Jones has been the face of Japanese coffee BOSS since 2006 and was featured in 38 commercial episodes as “Alien Jones”


Arnold S.jpg

Former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, endorsed many Japanese products during the 1990s, such as this energy drink  

Celebrity Endorsement Deal Case Studies That Made Sales Happen Video

Bringing Celebrity Power To Your Brand

Celebrities are one of the global powerhouses – and they can make a brand’s sales go sonic overnight with the right campaign elements to support the partnership.  These can include TVC’s (television commercials), print ads, radio and retail store displays – and nowadays, lots and lots of social media.

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